Saturday, May 04, 2013

DAMNING: The Complete Benghazi Timeline in Spreadsheet Format

Update: The latest version of the timeline is here.

The complete Benghazi timeline, now augmented with information culled by Stephen Hayes and the House Oversight Committee [PDF], leads me to four inescapable conclusions.

It is now clear to me that:

a) Hillary Clinton lied under oath to Congress.
b) Barack Obama went to sleep knowing that a U.S. Ambassador and other Americans were under terrorist attack.
c) Barack Obama awoke refreshed the next day to begin fundraising.
d) The entire Executive Branch lied repeatedly to the American people to save Obama's chances for reelection.

Could someone drag John Boehner out of whatever bar he's in, wake him up, and let him know: There is more than enough material for impeachment proceedings to begin and criminal charges levied against Hillary Clinton.


Mike aka Proof said...

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Now that even a blind person can see the truth, it's up to the GOP House to drag Clinton before hearings.

Being afraid of Obama (literally), Squeaker Boehner is resisting doing this. Our job-one now is to dump him, or in the interim, bypass him.

These hearings need to happen, and happen LOUDLY to bypass the corrupt news media that will try ignore them.

Afterwards, we need to target the news media and expose their corruption to otherwise uninformed, or suffer their abuse and their power after we take high office again.

Anonymous said...

Let's hope the witnesses don't end up like Andrew Breitbart, it's risky to expose a Kenyan.
And it does make you wonder about the circumstances surrounding Hitlery's plane crash... the one that left her cross eyed.

Anonymous said...

Doug, your spreadsheet is missing the arrival of the bodies , and the talking points delivered in the hanger

Anonymous said...

nice point-by-point, Doug! Think Victoria, Hillary(2016!), Rice, Carney, et al are sleeping well this week? They're sociopaths. I bet they slept well
Frank G

Anonymous said...

Good timeline, if you are able to track down additional data you might consider expanding the timeline to include things like when the rules of engagement were signed off and who had to approve, (Clinton), hop over to Breitbart for background -

Rules of Engagement are ignored by those in Congress who say they support our troops, we are letting down our military and all of those who serve overseas. McCain and Graham are not spoken names by the veterans in my family.

matthew w said...

Give up the impeachment memo.
It ani't going to happen with all the establishment Rinos in congress.

Amazing the crap that democrats squeal about, but when real people die..........
not a

Anonymous said...

BBC reported that the UK closed their Embassy about a month before the US embassy was attacked because the situation in Benghazi was deemed too dangerous.

Who was it in the US administration who said there was no evidence that the situation was poised on the brink of disaster?

How can any reasonable person think that the UK and the US do not share intelligence of this nature?

Anonymous said...

Imagine if this were the Bush Administration

Anonymous said...

...if this was the Bush administration the Joseph Goebbels main media would ask for George Bush`s head. Congress with its libtard demoncraps and horn less rinos like McLame and Girlham would impeach Bush in a Washington minute. But Obummer ? Nothing to see here, move along...

Anonymous said...

BEFORE Benghazi there was an incident in Cairo.

Before Cairo the state Dept. Broadcast apology.

Before the apology there was State Dept. Planning for the broadcast.

Before the planning there were intelligence reports about coming disturbances.


The New York Times reported that crowds in Cairo and Tunis and Qatar were chanting “Obama, Obama, we are all Osama” , NOT anything about a video.

So the State Dept. had advance warning of anti-Obama demonstrations, they intentionally created a widespread dis-information campaign. The trouble in Benghazi happened when it was too late to walk back the intentional lie about ALL of the demonstrations. Other than Administration assertions, do you know of any credible report or evidence that the video had ANTHING to do with the disturbances?

Has anyone asked to see the original, pre-apology intelligence?

Anonymous said...

Who gave the stand down order? Let Trey Gowdy do the questioning and we'll get to the bottom of it!

Anonymous said...

100% agree with you on all points!

DavidScott said...

Unfortunately for any American who cares about the strategic changes being made to the nation's future, away from its founding principles, these issues will not yield any substantive action against the perpetrators of these crimes, ie Clinton, Biden, Obama, Carney et al, inclusive the Republicans in Congress, most of them at any rate.

This tidal wave of deceit, even when uncovered, is planned and it is an obvious fact, but the perps won't be derailed from their goal. The intent is to weaken the nation, create crises which need more central authority, and eventually take complete control into the hands where it "belongs". At least, according to those who think they should have the control.

These people aren't only sychophants and thieves, they are dangerous, consciousless, greedy and horribly snobbish. Just the lowest form of human being. I read an great quote from Plato in an article last week, something like, "The greatest unjustice in a city is justice being ascribed to one who isn't just." How true 2500 years ago or so, and its evidence of truthfulness is seen all too frequently in the US Government today.

Chris in NC said...

Did you have on there the publicized midnight arrest of the film maker with full press in coverage?

Anonymous said...

Has any Democrat administration EVER been held accountable for its lies, its betrayals, its treason, its efforts to subvert the USA, its cowardice, its corruption, its immorality? EVER? Why do Republicans even try when they are blamed precisely for what the loathsome Democrats do on a daily basis? Anyone who kills a lying leftist is doing the Universe a favor. Soetoro, Clinton, Biden, and Pelosi are the 4 grinning lying Horsemen. There is not a single particle of good in any of them. They cannot be trusted. No parent should EVER let any of them near their children. Seriously. I hope they're assassinated before they destroy us all.

Anonymous said...

Why do you have an ad for Model Quality Thai girls? Seriously creepy. and can the dig at the Speaker. Ruins the seriousness of the timeline.

Jeff said...

Can we get this as a CSV file? Better yet, post it to Google Docs or something so people can make their own copies and open those copies (not the original) up for collaborators to edit.

J Callan said...

Where on the time line was Obama and Clinton's apology to the Middleeast for the "video"....nine days after 9/11.

costaricankid said...

1st Comment:

Benghazi in “Real Time”:
Realization of the Truth and
The Birth of a Cover Up.
“Believe it, Or Not”

It’s inconceivable that with a drone overhead, specific requests for assistance, with Deputy Asst. Secretary Lamb monitoring the whole situation from beginning to end, that Washington didn’t immediately, and in “real time”, know everything they needed to know about Benghazi and the life and death situation that our people were embroiled in.

Here's a likely, and what I think very believable, sequence of “who knew what and when did they know it” on 9/11/12:

1. ADAS Lamb passed what she learned in "real time" on to higher ups in the State Dept. (Lamb could hardly sit on something so explosive). What she heard combined with her 17 years of State experience in hot spots around the world should have left no doubt in her mind the attack was a preplanned terrorist attack by terrorists who were more than likely Muslim Extremists and Islamic Jihadists.

2. Those higher ups would immediately brief Secretary Clinton;

3. Secretary Clinton, as a member of the President's National Security Team since 2008, would buck it to the NST;

4. The NST would have had to inform the President because this PR Bomb" could seriously hurt his chances for reelection if the public knew even a small portion of the truth;

5. The assignment and the challenge of spinning this correctly, and deflecting/misdirecting blame, went to Obama's Senior Campaign adviser, David Axelrod;

6. Axelrod and his people then created the Benghazi communication strategy for the White House, State Dept. and their minions to follow.

A strategy that they thought would keep this ticking time bomb under cover and in check until after they won the election.

The lies and cover-ups came next and we finally saw what transparency in an Obama Administration looks like. “The King with no clothes" comes to mind.

costaricankid said...

2nd Comment:

The Administration’s Answer to Repeated Direct Questions
Asking if the Benghazi Atrocity was a Terrorist Act and Therefore an Act of Terrorism:

“We’re Doing an Investigation”
An “investigation” that they have assured us won’t be complete until they know or have collected “exactly, precisely, all, every, everything, there is to know”.

An “honest and inclusive investigation” that probably wouldn’t be completed in our lifetime, if the Administration had its way, let alone before the Nov 6th Election.

Objective: Avoid the truth as long as possible, at least until after the election.

Strategy: Evade, avoid, obfuscate, misdirect, lie if you have to, but never under any circumstances reveal the truth to the American people and the world.

A strategy that they thought would keep this ticking time bomb under cover and in check until after they won the election.

Here’s a novel idea: Let Obama and Biden do the right thing. Let them appear in ads retracting their thoughtless boasts and their NFL like Excessive Celebrations of a man’s death, concluding with the more fitting:

“Osama Bin Laden may be dead, but Al Qaeda is growing stronger every day, and while GM may be alive for now, Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other brave Americans are dead forever”.

And I think they should not only run those ads in Pakistan and other Muslim countries, but at home as well.

costaricankid said...

3rd Comment:

Please, Mr. President Stop Lying.
You Have Never Said "Benghazi" Was
"An Act of Terror", "An Act of Terrorism", or "A Terrorist Act"

What you really said in your Sept 12th Rose Garden address was that "no acts of terror will ever shake the resolve of this great nation". (Source White House Transcript)

You did not, as you and your minions have claimed, link that lofty statement to the Benghazi atrocity. In fact the term was not even in the same paragraph as “Benghazi”.

And are we really surprised that your very carefully crafted 800+ word address avoided use of the words “Terrorist”, “Terrorism”, “Extremist”, “Jihad”, Jihadist”, Islam”, and “Muslim” in any context.

It’s not surprising when we know that you first banned the use of those words in your 60 Page 2009 National Security Strategy Statement.

Your emphatic statement during the 2nd televised debate that you had called the attack in Benghazi an “act of terror” was blatantly untrue, and a bold attempt to change the record.

You knew better,, but Governor Romney and Ms. Candy Crowley, the debate moderator., didn't when they compounded your untruth.

Well, even if you had called Benghazi an “Act of Terror”, you still wouldn't have been saying anything worth saying in the context of 4 Americans dead and our Consulate violated.

Yes, in the broadest sense, Benghazi was "an act of terror" -- just like when a neighborhood gets "terrorized" by a bunch of punks on Halloween, or the Occupy group in Oakland 'terrorized" residents and businesses are “acts of terror”.

You may think they are the same, but to the rest of us, they're not in the same ballpark.

You have come close to calling the attack on Benghazi a “terrorist attack” committed by “Terrorists”, who were in all probability “Muslim Extremists”, on an “Islamic Jihad".

Isn’t it time for the truth? Isn’t it time you put America first and your needs 2nd? When will you start being honest and truthful with the American people?

And it's still not too late to be honest with us on the Ft. Massacre by Major Hasan.

It was not “workplace violence” as you’ve suggested -- it was another “terrorist attack” committed by a “Terrorist” who was an admitted Muslim Extremist, on Islamic Jihad"

By definition, every “act of terrorism” is without a doubt an “act of terror”, but every “act of terror” is not an “act of terrorism”.

Using parallel construction to hammer this point home, it is similarly true that while every act of murder is an act of killing, every act of killing is not an act of murderer.

Likewise, every man is a human being, but not every human being is a man.

The shooting of 70 in Aurora Colorado this past July by a lone gunman was clearly an “act of terror”, but clearly not an “act of terrorism”.

The same is true of the Tucson Arizona shooting of 19 by another lone gunman in 2011.

The Ft. Hood shooting of 42 in 2009 by another lone gunman was also an “act of terror”, but unlike the Arizona and Colorado shootings, Major Hassan’s act at Ft. Hood was unmistakably an “act of terrorism” conducted by an Islamic/Muslim/Extremist/Jihadist.

Avoiding being honest and taking proper responsibility for your administrations role in the death of Ambassador Stevens and 3 others until after Nov 6th, makes good campaign sense in such a tight election.

The best strategy, your handlers, probably Axelrod, could come up with on a moments notice. Great strategy for a candidate, but disgraceful for the leader of the free world.

costaricankid said...

4th Comment:

Did "Video" Lead to the Demonstrations & Violence
That Erupted in the Muslim World on 9/11/12?

Probably, but not the amateur video that President Obama said it was.

Video may well have been what inflamed Muslims around the world to take to the streets in orchestrated mass protests and violent demonstrations against America on 9/11/12.

Even inciting Muslim Extremists to brutally attack our Consulate in Benghazi and murder Ambassador Stevens and three other brave Americans.

The amateur video that the Administration brought to the light of day and labeled as the catalyst for Muslim unrest just wasn’t the right video.

And as smart as the President and his people say they are, they just had to have known the truth.

The Administration, in lock-step, placed the amateur video on center stage and used every available resource to promote it in the weeks after to the world as the reason not to blame the Obama Administration for the Benghazi atrocity.

And promote it they did - - to us, to the United Nations, to Islam, and to the rest of the world.

And who is really to blame for inciting the violence and resulting deaths and destruction on 9/11?

And the cover-up which began the day after?

Is it possible that the real culprits in this theater of the absurd are the President, the Vice President and their senior campaign “handlers”.

That the videos that did the real damage were actually video clips that appeared on YouTube and were seen by hundreds of millions of Muslims around the world –after they were aired on national television for the world to see.

They were video clips of the President and Vice President issuing provocative, disrespectful, and boastful campaign slogans at the Democratic National Convention and then on TV news, talk and comedy shows afterwards.

Three of those “in-your-face”, “politically incorrect”, statements were “inspiring”. They just inspired the wrong audience.

An audience that took to the streets in the thousands in Muslim countries around the world:

Barrack Obama: “Osama is dead and Al Qaeda has been decimated”

Barrack Obama: “Osama is dead and Al Qaeda is on the run”

Barrack Obama: “Al Qaeda is on the path to defeat”

Joe Biden: "Osama bin laden is dead and General Motors is alive"

Unfortunately a more accurate statement from the President might more appropriately be:

“Osama Bin Laden may be dead, but Al Qaeda is growing stronger every day, and while GM may be alive for now, four brave Americans are dead forever”.

bb said...

Republicans are terrible at losing!! -but they will probably continue to do it over a couple more decades, at least!

Anonymous said...

Why did Woods and the others go from Tripoli to Benghazi?

Anonymous said...

i'd like to see more information regarding the spreadsheet. Sunrise/sunset times inserted, as well as, weather information, visibility at the key sites of Benghazi,Tripoli,Aviano Airbase etc. Also insert info on Stuttgart, as they were in the chain of command back to D.C.

Space Coast Conservative [dot]com said...

Linked at Space Coast

I THANK whoever did this for their hard work. Thank you for helping get the TRUTH to "We, The People"!

Anonymous said...

A challenge for your timeline.

You cite the claims that Ansar Al Sharia was the group responsible for the attack.

In fact, there is no real evidence for that, they did not claim responsibility, and Hicks said he got that from Twitter feeds.

More likely it was the Omar Abdel Rahman Brigade, who did claim responsibility for the attack, claimed responsibility for the previous attack which blew a hole in the consulate wall, and Rahman's sons support that

Omar Abdul Rahman, in case you forgot, is the Blind Sheik the US sent to prison for the 1993 WTC attack. His supporters have committed multiple attacks trying to force his release.

Anonymous said...

"There is more than enough material for impeachment proceedings to begin and criminal charges levied against Hillary Clinton."

Yes, but it's likely not going to happen because the Republicans are afraid for their own jobs. They voted twice in the two years leading up to Benghazi to slash the embassy budget--to a total tune of $500 million, including gutting the security budget despite the State Department warning them that this would leave little more than a skeleton crew for security. There are obviously a few Republicans with spines who are going after this, but I'm guessing most won't push it too hard because they're afraid of blowback from this fact getting out. -Danny Adams

Anonymous said...

Here's the important tidbit missing from the spreadsheet:

"The U.S. embassy had put out a statement EARLIER ON TUESDAY condemning "misguided individuals" who hurt the religious feelings of Muslims or followers of other religions.

"We firmly reject the actions by those who abuse the universal right of free speech to hurt the religious beliefs of others," the U.S. embassy said in its statement."

"EARLIER ON TUESDAY" ... in other words, during ... or BEFORE .. the attacks in Benghazi.

The (very lame) cover story was in place WHEN Benghazi was attacked ... if not before.

Anonymous said...

Anyone reading a newspaper in the months before Benghazi could see this event coming. This is a total failure of the State Dept and the White House. They were negligent at best, treasonous at least, indifferent at worst. "What difference?" Four Lives needlessly lost.

Anonymous said...

Woods and Dohetry did not leave Tripoli at 2300 hours or any other time that night. They were in Benghazi the entire time. Now if you miss something that basic and germane to the issue I have the following question. Why would anyone accept the fact that the rest of this is accurate? Hmmm I see where the comments must be approved by the blog author. Wonder if these will be approved? Wonder if I have copied and them and this blog and will alert folks to the lack of accuracy. But I will be contactinh you. Have a great day!

directorblue said...

Hey, Anonymous dipshit at 6:55:
Clinton Publicly Linked Benghazi to Video Before Woods and Doherty Killed
"The seven-person response team from Embassy Tripoli arrived in Benghazi to lend support," said the ARB report. "It arrived at the Annex about 0500 local. Less than 15 minutes later, the Annex came under mortar and RPG attack, with five mortar rounds impacting close together in under 90 seconds. Three rounds hit the roof of an Annex building, killing security officers Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty."
Tyrone Woods was later joined at the scene by fellow former Navy SEAL Glen Doherty, who was sent in from Tripoli as part of a Global Response Staff or GRS that provides security to CIA case officers and provides countersurveillance and surveillance protection.
The reinforcements that did arrive were 8 special-ops personnel from Tripoli, who reached the CIA annex approximately 4 hours after the initial consulate attack. The Tripoli team included ex-Navy SEAL Glen Doherty, who along with Tyrone Woods was killed by one of four mortar shells fired at the annex at 4 a.m., approximately 7 hours after the battle began.
09/11/12 (Time: 23:30PM) Doherty and Woods depart Annex (Tripoli) for Stevens' Consulate (Benghazi)
09/12/12 (Time: 01:30AM) Doherty/Woods arrive at Stevens' Consulate (Benghazi)

Now stick it up your ass and rotate 720 degrees.