Wednesday, March 09, 2016

DEAR GOPe: Unite Behind Ted Cruz --- Or Die.

That's the message David French has for the GOP establishment:

Here’s what the math says: John Kasich and Marco Rubio, you have no hope of becoming the GOP nominee. Even if you win your home states, the only thing that will do is maintain the four-person dynamic under which Trump thrives. Even if you are fortunate enough to work cooperatively to deny Trump an absolute majority of delegates, do either of you — in your right mind — believe that a convention dominated by Trump and Cruz delegates is going to unite behind you? They’d sooner riot (and I’m only partially joking).

We’ve given the multi-candidate “blind ambition tour” exactly 23 states and one territory to work, and here’s the score: Trump 15, Cruz 7, Rubio 2, and Kasich . . . zero. I think that’s a sufficient sample size. Let’s try something else...

...Let’s try uniting around the person who’s beaten Trump more than anyone else — a person who happens to be a constitutional conservative, who would replace Justice Scalia with a judicial superstar, who is unquestionably pro-life, who is unyielding in his defense of religious liberty, and who actually understands the dynamics of the global economy, trade policy, and national security.

...Is it more likely that Trump loses two-man races in the winner-take-all states with Rubio and Kasich united behind Cruz? Or is it more likely that Trump keeps winning a four-man race with his solid, unyielding 35 percent?

...I have a feeling, however, that this appeal will fall on deaf ears — and not just deaf candidate ears. The party elders and donors who traditionally intervene to talk sense into failed candidates are also sitting on the sidelines, paralyzed perhaps by their hatred of Ted Cruz...

...After 24 contests, the pattern is emerging. Cruz battles Trump for first, while Rubio and Kasich tend to battle each other for last. This is true in the South, the West, the Northeast, and the Midwest. Can conservatives finally get serious? Can we finally unify, now, before Trump starts sweeping winner-take-all states with 35 percent of the vote? If not, then a foolish GOP will richly deserve its fate.

I'd like to remind readers that Scott McKay predicted this very scenario in August of 2015. His American Spectator article -- entitled "Could Ted Cruz End Up as the Establishment Candidate?" -- assessed poll data, fundraising ability, and organizational structure and arrived at that conclusion.

We could see a situation where Trump is ahead on the strength of his performance in the early states and still leads in the polls, though he might have commenced fading in the face of the various challenges befalling a presidential candidate and the terror gripping the party of having to nominate a bull-in-a-China-shop like the real estate magnate has not subsided. But while the establishment might believe Trump is beatable, they could be without candidates to beat him.

And at that juncture, the unthinkable might become inevitable; namely, that the RINO/Chamber of Commerce GOP establishment might well see Ted Cruz as their only hope to stop Donald Trump from getting the Republican nomination.

McKay predicted that the GOPe would end up begging Cruz to save them from Trump.

We'll see how much sway the doddering, incompetent, open borders losers at the RNC have over the remaining two vanity candidates. They should be begging Rubio and Kasich to drop out immediately.

But, given the RNC's wondrous track record this cycle, I wouldn't count on anything sensible happening.

Hat tip: BadBlue Real-Time News.


Anonymous said...

"...who actually understands the dynamics of the global economy, trade policy, and national security." Wha????

Better then a businessman with successful interests spread out all over the globe? Better then an individual that has created 10s of 1,000s of jobs vs some one hasn't created one? Better then electing someone with a lifetime of executive experience vs someone with not one day? Better then the only person that has hammered on the trillion dollar trade imbalance vs someone who voted for TPP?

You're reaching here Doug and coming up with a handful of air.

Anonymous said...

Please listen to Mark Levin's intelligent, full-throated endorsement of Sen. Cruz today on Levin TV. It is, without doubt, the most cogent explanation why Cruz must be our Conservative candidate, and our next president.

It's awesome.

Anonymous said...

I support Ted Cruz, but if he becomes the gopE's guy, he will be taken out at the knees by them. They are getting desperate. The lie about the Dr Ben Carson situation practically destroyed his campaign and now we have the Lil Markie one, {another lie that will be pushed}.


Dale Day said...

The Desperation of the GOP Establishment is disgusting. Even though they hate Cruz, they are so blinded by their own greed and lust for power that they are willing to ignore the desires of millions of voters. Their continuation of this could mark the end of the Republican Party and turn this nation into a socialist haven for millions of Muslims and other America Haters.