Sunday, March 20, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: It’s Not Us, It’s You

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It’s Not Us, It’s You: The Z Man
Why won't Donald Trump debate Ted Cruz?: Robert K. Wilcox
Border Patrol union: 'Trump is the only candidate' to support agents: Paul Bedard

‘Undocumented’ are running amok with no recourse: Howie Carr
Illegals held in vicious Framingham rape: Boston Herald
KKK-Dressed, Nazi-Saluting Protester Beaten Up By Black Trump Supporter: Tyler Durden

How Republicans Rebuild After the Trump Disaster: Megan McArdle
The chaos scenario for Democrats: Ben Kamisar
Poll: Cruz Soars Ahead In Utah: WZ

Frontlash for Trump Is Outpacing Backlash, As Nomination Nears: Conrad Black
The Invasion of Montana Begins: GoV
Garland Jihad Shooting Conspirator Convicted: BattleSwarm


Trump, Sanders, and the Snake-Oil Economics of Protectionism: Dan Mitchell
The Brute Force of Government Spending on Autopilot: Debra Saunders
Illinois College Will Stop Arresting Students For Passing Out Constitution: Robert Gehl

Scandal Central

Minnesota: anti-Muslim ‘hate crimes’ will be treated more harshly than other crimes: BNI
Cruz at Border:‘My 5-Year-Old Daughter Could’ve Climbed Over or Under That Fence in About 20 Seconds’: CNS
New York: Muslim immigrant who recruited for Islamic State terrorists gets 22 1/2 years: Creeping

Climate & Energy

Going medieval on warmth: Maggie's Farm
Hillary Clinton Pledges to Kill Coal Jobs: Julie Borowski


"Arizona Trump Protesters Shut Down Highway, Creating 300,000 More Trump Voters": Don Surber
Psychology Today Suggests Hillary Needs A Dog Trainer To Control Her Shrillness: Tammy Bruce
Top 10 Reasons Why Hillary Will Lose...: TPC

The Election: William S. Lind
Donald Trump: Social-Justice Warrior : Stephen L. Miller
Austrian charged for inciting hatred against migrants:


FRANCE: Rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic: BNI
Training for Jihad in Vienna’s Kindergarten Madrassas: GoV
Muslim Cleric Exclaims ‘..Homosexuals Should be Tortured in Public Squares..’ : Unveiled

Somali 'refugee' influx continues unabated: Leo Hohmann
Geert Wilders in the Dock: “Freedom of Speech is the Only Freedom I Still Have”: GoV
Export-Import Bank Sure Hates Veterans: WeaponsMan

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Six ways to disable a drone: Hillary Schaub and Darrell M. West
When U.S. air force discovered the flaw of averages: Todd Rose
Homeland Security Analytics: From Forensics To Foresight: Mark Testoni


Choose Wisely: Woodsterman
the science engineering is settled: Sondrakistan
Hypocrite a$$hole: Feral Irishman

Image: IDF brings home Israeli victims of Istanbul bombing
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Help Protect Our Constitution: Ted Cruz for President

QOTD: "America has a crucial election next November. For eight years the Obama administration has undermined Republican and conservative positions. The U.S. military is weaker than it has been in decades. The U.S. faces gathering enemies in militant Islam, a resurgent Russia, and belligerents in China and North Korea – to name the worst. The national debt is out of control and threatening to undermine any prosperity still remaining. The nation almost approaches civil war on many social and political issues. Republican leadership has done little to stop this decline. Now the base has a chance in Trump and Cruz to change things. But how can they without knowing the differences between the two candidates? The media won't show them. They are consumed by the horse race. They also have their bias and agenda. The only way Republicans will know how to vote is for the two of them to step on the stage and make their cases and interrogate each other.

If Donald Trump won't debate Cruz one-one, Republican voters should take the cue. He's afraid. He doesn't have the answers. He's not who his supporters think he is. On the other hand, if he does debate, it shows he thinks more of the country than just his own fate. That's what America deserves in a candidate. It has it in Cruz, who will debate Trump anywhere, any time. Does it have it in Trump. Does Trump care about the country? Or only himself?

This is the most crucial question at this point in the Republican debate. Voters deserve to know." --Robert K. Wilcox


Michael Haltman said...

Thanks for the link to The Political Commentator article Doug!


Anonymous said...

Hey McFly.. trump is the winner so far and will the winner by June .. go figure out why he doesn't; need to boost Ted by having more debates