Saturday, March 05, 2016

No, Donald Trump Isn't Going to Build a Wall

'Build the Wall' is the new 'Hope and Change'

Let me say from the outset that I am not a member of the crypto-Democrats masquerading as Republicans or conservatives under the banner of #NeverTrump.

While I often agree with the likes of Erick Erickson and Jim Geraghty, their rationale for withholding support for a potential Trump nominee defies all logic and reason.

In effect, abstaining from a presidential election provides tacit assistance to the ultra-radicalized Democrat Party. Their inaction might help move a pantsuited crime boss or a Marxist kook to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

The cries of the Crypto-Democrats revolve around several dubious claims:

Trump failed at a bunch of businesses: Eh, what entrepreneur hasn't failed? And what of Trump's business successes? How many businesses has Hillary Cinton built? What does Bernie Sanders know about running a business? Let's put it this way: Donald Trump knows more about the real world than 1,000 Hillary Clintons or 50,000 Bernie Sanders.

Trump flip-flopped on immigration: Yes, but we know that Trump isn't an open borders nut like every member of the Democrat Party and the entire GOP establishment. Trump built his presidential campaign on enforcing immigration laws, securing the border, and protecting the domestic economy. Suffice it to say that it's certain Trump would be infinitely better than any Democrat, living or dead, on protecting American sovereignty.

Trump's a nativist, racist and/or a polarizing figure: Only if every country on the planet is nativist and racist, because every country on the planet protects its borders better than the United States. The average American knows inherently that allowing millions of poorly educated, unvetted, and potentially dangerous aliens to enter the country is a recipe for disaster. Trump's position is the position of the typical American and diametrically opposed to the Beltway traitors who view checks from K Street and the Chamber of Commerce as a license to kill the Republic.

With all that said, there is only one reliable choice for President of these United States. And that man is Senator Ted Cruz. From memorizing the Constitution at age 12 to arguing -- and winning -- some of the most important pro-liberty cases ever heard before the Supreme Court, Cruz is a Constitutional Conservative.

He is also the rare breed who honored his commitment to his constituents and fought tooth and nail to defund Obamacare, kill taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood, and stop Barack Obama's illegal executive actions on immigration.

When he was deceived by his own majority leader, he called that man out on the Senate floor. He's not popular in the Senate, but he's extraordinarily popular in his home state, because he honored his word.

What other candidate has had the cojones to keep his promises?

What other candidate has never wavered in fighting the radicalized leftists who control the Democrat Party?

Ted Cruz is a rock solid conservative who will do what he says he will do.

Of that, you can be certain.

We don't know what kind of "flexibility" Donald Trump will demonstrate if he attains the nation's highest office. Earlier this week, Mr. Trump shifted his position on H-1B visas twice in a matter of hours.

No, Mr. Trump will not build a wall. He won't be as tough on illegal immigration as he claimed at the outset of his campaign. His positions on his hallmark issues are shifting daily and should worry the most fervent of his backers.

Conversely, we do know -- without a shadow of a doubt -- that Ted Cruz is inflexible when it comes to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. He reveres our nation's founding documents and they serve as his guiding light for governance.

That is why I urge you to support Ted Cruz for President.

We have a once in a generation opportunity to nominate a Constitutionalist.

The hour is late. The time is now.

You can lend support to Sen. Ted Cruz's campaign by clicking here.


Anonymous said...

So, who wrote this? The Cruz campaign? So is this a ad?

If Trump isn't going to build a wall, why are so many people freaking out that he wants to build a wall? Can't have it both ways.

alecj said...

Nice, Obama-esque strawman.

They arent the same people.

The only people freaking out at the idea of a wall are the, open borders, left.

Ive yet to see "people freaking out" on the GOP side. Most are in favor of it. Most know its been law for years and still hasnt gotten done, so they are skeptical. Trump cant get through a sentence with a couple lies, so its impossible to take him at this word. The worst is, many of the Trump supporters i know, dont deny that....and dont care.

No candidate is perfect, but some are far more trustworthy than others. If you read this site often, you know where its author stands. Its their opinion and they are honest about it. Personal sites reflect their author. There are a few that advocate for Trump, just as vigorously.

I only find it insulting when openly Trump sites like Breitbart, pretend to be offering news and hard journalism, when in fact, its been bought and paid for by the candidate.

Anonymous said...

If Trump does not win the nomination Hillary Clinton will be the next President and able to name another far left Supreme Court Justice. It will be the continuation of the Obama regime. Is this what you want? The next target will be Cruz.

Mike aka Proof said...

Trump might still build the wall. Any widows on the border he could foreclose through eminent domain?

Sayno2neocons said...

Why no articles on the fact Cruz accepted Jeb Bush's financiers, then his new spokesman hired one of Karl Rove's pets, an illegal alien from Australia. He is a globalist who rejects the US's sovereign status, overstayed his visa and has been working for Rove and other RINOs ever since. So again tell us how Heidi Cruz's work for the CFR lobbying for the eradication if US borders and her still working for Goldman Sachs are nonissues....

Frodus said...

Before the wall can go up in the parts that don't have a wall that already exist, there will have to be a environmental study done to see the impact of the wall.

These studies can take anywhere from 1 to 2 years.

How to make Mexico pay for the wall: Tax the money that Mexicans send back home that's made in the U.S. Its estimated that 17-21 billion is sent back to Mexico each year. Or put a sure charge on products entering or leaving to Mexico.

Fact is we only meed a wall in just certain areas of the boarder. If the currents laws was enforced along with more funding for boarder agents with advanced tech the flow would stop all together.

The major problem is the funding the illegals get when their here, schools, home, welfare, medical the list goes on. Stop the free stuff and enforce the law and the problem would fix itself.

And Trump will win the Nomination, the only path Cruz has is Florida, if he doesn't win there its all over.

I will say this, Trump or Cruz can beat Hillary for many reasons. One being turn out for Democrats is down, the email scandal will dog her all the way until election day. No one want Bill back in the White House that's a given.

Plus if Trump is smart and offers Cruz as his pick for the supreme court it will shut up the extreme right. But that's if Trump smart.

Anonymous said...

Trump is going to leave a lot of people at the Alter of Disappointment. He's a fraud.

Anonymous said...

Ron in Ohio Sez:

Yeah I gotta' agree and ask the same questions as the first "Anonymous" comment above. I too didn't see any attribution to that commentary until I clicked on the "Show Original Post" link above. With it's following, "Cruz for president" pitch the whole thing simply smacks of just another ridiculous smear-Trump move. Ya' know the kind, the one that begins with a pat on the back until there is a firm grip on the knife.

I WAS all for Cruz myself until recently. When he began showing his true colors and began attacking his opponents in the style of just another hack politician. It's true about his Constitutional knowledge and most of his Conservative ideals but when a person with such accolades lowers himself to gutter politics, I figure, why not go along with the crass guy who has been there/done that on so many issues and don't care who he pisses-off to get the job done.

Trump's beholding to nobody and does not have to Ass-Kiss and return favors to please anyone. And THAT is what scares and angers ALL of those hack politicians.

Frodus said...

No more of a FRAUD Than Ryan or McConnell.. They currently fund plan parent hood, Obama care, and gave the Demarcates and Obama unlimited spending in the last budget that was approved.

So I guess Trump should fit in quite well with that crowd.

commoncents said...

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alecj said...

A quick rebuttal to the idea that the if Trump isnt the GOP nominee, Hillary wins.

No offense, but that is emotional poppycock. No poll, no data, no fact based analysis, can even mildly suggest that Trump is the only candidate that can beat Hillary.

All the polls put Trump in the worst position to beat Hillary. In fact, he is the Mitt Romney of this cycle if you look at the match-up. Hillary is unlikable, and has the 2nd highest unfavorable rating in Presidential election history. The 1st....Donald Trump.

The only candidate that could lose to Hillary is Trump. His habit of lying about everything, and racist sounding soundbites. (Im not saying he is racist...just how it will play)
Trump is tailor made for Hillary's victim centered campaign. The only way Hillary looks the slight bit sympathetic, is when she can play the victim. Trump is the ultimate bully who is famously unable to speak on policy coherently.

So you have Hillary looking like a victim of a bully, and like the policy expert. You have Trump being pegged as a racist,....with his own words, and sounding like a neophyte.

It will be a landslide. Hillary will win 40-45 states. Trump will be so toxic by November, it could cost the GOP the House....they definitely lose the Senate, if Trump is the nominee.

On the other hand. Ted Cruz, dismantles Hillary. He is polite, and smarter than her. He is Latino, and anti-establishment. Cruz is a champion debater, and Hillary is dependent on media bias.

If you want to change Washington DC, Ted Cruz is your candidate. PERIOD.

Cruz is a conservative stalwart. He has already been through the gauntlet of media hate. He is the only choice if you want to replace Scalia with a like-minded jurist.

I dont hate Trump, but compared to Cruz, he doesnt measure up in any way.

The facts are unbiased. Be brave enough to accept them.

Karl said...

I wonder how many times people said "Trump will not build that building."

Cruz is more conservative than Trump - true. But Trump's campaign promises are more conservative than Cruz's. How about a blog post explaining that?

Unknown said...

No! Trump is the only candidate that consistently loses to Hillary I the polls and the media hasn't even begun attacking him yet like you know they will just as soon as he gets the nod. Trump as a candidate will guarantee a Hillary landslide victory.

Unknown said...

No! Trump is the only candidate that consistently loses to Hillary I the polls and the media hasn't even begun attacking him yet like you know they will just as soon as he gets the nod. Trump as a candidate will guarantee a Hillary landslide victory.

Anonymous said...

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