Thursday, March 03, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: Looking at the Delegates: It's a Cruz-Trump Race

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Looking at the Delegates: It's a Cruz-Trump Race: Amanda Carpenter
Super Tuesday Vote Closer Than it Appeared: Sean McMinn and Randy Leonard, Roll Call
How Massive Was GOP Voter Turnout on Super Tuesday?: Tammy Bruce

Ben Carson no longer sees path forward, won’t attend tomorrow’s debate: Hot Air
Rubio and Kasich Make GOP’s Survival Hostage to Trump’s “Pledge”: Josh Hammer
Clinton Edges Ahead of Trump in Presidential Matchup: Rasmussen

A Most Menacing Attack on the United States Constitution: Joel Hilliker
Last Chance for America? Part II: Thomas Sowell
The Hothouse Flowers: The Z Man

Log Cabin Candidates: Victor Davis Hanson
Memo to GOPe: Ted Cruz is the Best Deal You’re Going to Get from Conservatives: CHQ
Mark Levin's Super Tuesday Recap: CR Wire

Boston Police Commish Evans: “We’re All Muslims Deep Down”: Hugh Fitzgerald
Actual Text for Article 34: Lexington for Liberty
Indiana 6th State to Call for Article V Convention of States: Barbara Hollingsworth

Scandal Central

Who controls our southern border? Us or them?: Sharyl Attkisson
Hillary aide Huma's email on North Korea revealed in last of Clinton's secret server messages: DailyMail
So It Begins: American Police Start Pushing to Weaponize Domestic Drones: Antimedia

Climate & Energy

House panel chairman: Gold King mine was breached on purpose: The Gazette
The non-disaster of 150,000 missing penguins? They just went somewhere else.: JoNova


Review -- The Starfish and the Spider: The Unstoppable Power of Leaderless Organizations: Stop Shouting
‘We’re finished With Rubio’ – Fox News’ Roger Ailes Loses Confidence In Marco: Sooper
Finally, A GOP Candidate Says It: Ted Cruz Rips Stephanopoulos As Clinton Partisan: Hank Bergen

AP: Cruz is emerging as the candidate who could stop Trump: Scoop
Sen. Ted Cruz, My New Best Friend: Debra Saunders
Mitt Romney defends Obama while attacking Ted Cruz: RedState (7/31/2015)


Don't Look Now, But The European Union Is Now Calling for... A Wall: Ace
NATO commander: The Islamic State is “spreading like cancer” among Muslim migrants to Europe: Robert Spencer
Calais, France looks like war zone as migrants confront police, burn down their own camp: Ann Corcoran

To Flee Donald Trump’s America, You Will Need the Right Documents: John Hinderaker
Golden Dawn thugs disrupt European Parliament meeting: James Crisp
New York: Muslims take over Brooklyn street for Islamic prayers, cops watch: Creeping

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Can You Outsmart This Movie Identifying AI?: Jamie Condliffe
NASA astronaut returns from year in space: EarthSky
Hardcoded god-mode code found in RSA 2016 badge-scanning app: Darren Pauli


Obamas Take A Break From Golfing To Go To SXSW Film Festival: WZ
If You Say So...: Knuckledraggin'
Everybody Wants To Rule the World: MOTUS

Image: Obamas Take A Break From Golfing To Go To SXSW Film Festival
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Help Protect Our Constitution: Ted Cruz for President

QOTD: "If Donald is the nominee, in all likelihood, your former boss Hillary Clinton becomes the president." --Sen. Ted Cruz to ABC News Hack George Stephanapolous

1 comment:

Barry Popik said...

Mitt Romney really is trash. He never attacked Obama like he now attacks Donald Trump. "Why didn't Romney endorse Cruz?" Mark Levin now asks. Because Romney is a Republican establishment piece of garbage. If Cruz is in front, he'll attack Cruz.

Back in 2012, I was receiving mail from Mitt Romney EVERY SINGLE DAY. I wrote to him to STOP THE MAIL--I might vote for him, but please, please save your money and stop the mail. It never stopped. No one listened to me.

Mitt Romney is one reason why I left the party. The Republican establishment must go.