Monday, March 14, 2016

Hillary’s Dumbest Debate Comments... This Week

By Sara Noble

Hillary, who as Huma Abedin has said, is "often confused”, lost her train of thought and accidentally told the truth during a debate this past weekend.

She gloried in the idea that she will get to fire all the coal miners. They’re her loyal support base as union workers.


This is what Hillary says on her website:

Revitalize coal communities. Building a 21st century clean energy economy will create new jobs and industries, protect public health, and reduce carbon pollution. But we can’t ignore the impact this transition is already having on coal communities. Hillary’s $30 billion plan to revitalize coal communities will ensure coal miners, power plant operators, transportation workers, and their families get the respect they deserve and the benefits they have earned; invest in economic diversification and job creation; and make coal communities an engine of US economic growth in the 21st century, as they have been for generations.”

That apparently translates into: all the unionized coal workers will get fired.

Hillary, who is tied to foreigners with money through her corrupt money laundering machine she calls a foundation, is being solicited – she says – by foreign governments and asking if they can endorse her.

What does that tell you?

This is what she told Jake Tapper on The Lead.

“Finally, I really believe that there are going to be a lot of arguments to make against him that we can look forward to, and I’m not going to spill the beans right now. But suffice it to say that there are many arguments that we can use against him. But one argument that I am uniquely qualified to bring, because of my service as Secretary of State is what his presidency would mean to our country and our standing in the world. I am already receiving messages from leaders, and I am having foreign leaders ask if they can endorse me to stop Donald Trump, and I am like, no, this is up to Americans, thank you very much, and I see where it is coming from.”

She is really overrated in every way and is a pitiful candidate.

Read more at Independent Sentinel.

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