Saturday, March 26, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: 5 factors working against Trump winning delegate majority

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5 factors working against Trump winning delegate majority: Philip Klein
A Vote for Kasich Is a Vote for Trump: Michael Barone
Ted Cruz: Enquirer Smear Just "Garbage" and "Lies" From "Trump's Henchmen": Ace

New Evidence: Iran’s Role in 9/11: Dr. Majid Rafizadeh
West Virginia Reminds the Kids Just Who is Paying the Bills: Brent Smith
Republicans Rebuke VA’s Anti-Gun Policies: Stephen Gutowski

Ted Cruz: Our Last, Best Hope: Spengler
GOP Delegate Scorecard for March 25, 2016: David Wasserman, Cook Political
No, I Will Not Vote For Donald J. Trump in a General Election: John Hawkins

The Terror Threat To Europe Is America's, Too: Abigail R. Esmam
How I Know The National Enquirer Cruz Affair Story Is Bulls***: LidBlog
Wisconsin Poll: Cruz 36, Trump 31, Kasich 21: Daniel Halper


Obama Says No Real Difference Between Capitalism and Communism: CR Wire
How one Minnesota school district handles a rising immigrant population: Corey Mitchell
Summer of Recovery 7: Obama’s Final Budget Calls for $2.1 Trillion Tax Hike: John Kartch

Scandal Central

DHS Head Jeh Johnson: Illegal Aliens Are ‘In Effect’ US Citizens: WZ
Emails Show Close Ties Between Clinton and Boeing: Dennis Maley
State Department officials were baffled by Hillary Clinton's email setup: Reuters

Climate & Energy

It’s “special” science where one Hot Month is the signal, and years of The Pause is just noise: JoNova


WSJ Open Borders Kooks' Case For Kasich Makes No Sense: Jeffrey H. Anderson
Fox Poll: Millennials choose Cruz over Clinton, Trump: RedAlert
The Obama Tango: WZ

Appeals Court issues nightmare decision for Lois Lerner and the IRS: Thomas Lifson
Shame: Amanda Carpenter Destroys Trump idiot on ‘National Inquirer’ story: Sooper
Daily Beast Confirms GotNews: Rubio, Not Trump, Behind #CruzSexScandal: GotNews

Michael Savage Threatens to Withdraw Support of Trump Over Bogus Cruz "Scandal": Michael Savage
With friends like Obama, Mideast Christians don’t need enemies.: Frontpage
American who survived Brussels, Paris and Boston terror says he’s ‘lucky’: Yaron Steinbuch


The Good Victim of Terrorism: Annika Hernroth-Rothstein
State Department Reveals American Deaths In Brussels Hours Before Obama Returns To U.S.: Charlie Spiering
Trump to CNN: I'll move the Israeli embassy to Jerusalem: Ben Ariel

China Hacked F-22, F-35: Bill Gertz
How to Recruit Terrorists: Stuart Schneiderman
Happy Easter from the Religion of Peace: Mark Steyn

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

The Second Amendment Isn’t Prepared for a 3D-Printed Drone Army: Zoltan Istvan
Army shows off drone-killing ‘Cyber Capability Rifle’: Chris Eger
Gmail Now Warns If You're Being Hacked By The Government: Christian de Looper


Our Lady Of Perpetual Grievances: MOTUS
Archer reviews every James Bond film: James Hibberd
Last Train Out: Norman Hooben

Image: How I Know The National Enquirer Cruz Affair Story Is Bulls***
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QOTD: "Under Clinton, the state department took a much more aggressive approach to advancing the interests of U.S. corporations abroad, often directly lobbying on their behalf, as Clinton did before Boeing received a contract with a Russian airline to purchase 50 jets at $3.7 billion in 2010. The FBI's most recent email dump shows that Clinton took a keen interest in many matters related to the corporation while Secretary of State.

While Clinton was lobbying for Boeing on foreign trade issues, the company donated more than $1 million to the Clinton family’s global foundation, while also paying her husband hundreds of thousands of dollars each for lucrative speeches the company sponsored. Clinton's State Department found no conflict of interest at the time." --Dennis Maley

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Teapartydoc said...

Amanda Carpenter makes a "categorical" denial. In April of 2014 she takes a selfie of herself in a public restroom sporting a man's jacket and a Churchill tattoo. The same day Cruz makes an appearance on Fox and Friends sporting an identical tattoo and his jacket is missing. The hosts make a big deal about it because they have a dress code. Those tattoos are sold in sets of two. Carpenter also tweets on the same day that people should catch Cruz on that show and she remarks that he's in a very good mood, as he was. You could almost say he was "blank"-faced. This isn't over by a long shot. And don't think I'm some kind of insider. Far from it. I'm sitting at a campfire in the middle of nowhere. If I can figure out stuff like this on my phone there's some real dirt out there.