Saturday, March 12, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: The anti-Donald Trump mob is Making America Scary

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The anti-Donald Trump mob is Making America Scary: Freddy Gray
Liberty, or just a new Boss?: Matt Kibbe
Anti-Trump Crowd Flies A Communist Flag During Protest: Leigh Wolf

Protesters And Trump Supporters BRAWL In Chicago – Rally Cancelled!: Sooper
Cruz: As President, I’d prosecute Hillary on e-mail server if Lynch passes: Ed Morrissey
Definitive Video: Ace

Cruz on Trump Reaping What Trump Has Sown: Dan Spencer
Unelectable? Trump's Unfavorable Rating Spikes to 67 Percent Nationally: Guy Benson
Can't They Both Lose?: WeaponsMan

Corey Lewandowski Has History Of Thuggery And Slander: Jeff Dunetz
Trump: 'There used to be consequences' for protesting: Nick Gass
Anti-Trump leftists stomp American flag in St. Louis: FAM

What I Will Probably Never Understand About Trump's Undying Appeal: John Hawkins
Hillary Clinton Promises Permanent Amnesty for Illegal Aliens: Daniel Greenfield
Barack Obama and Donald Trump Collide in Chicago: Erick Erickson


Trump's Tough Talk on Trade: Stuart Schneiderman
Anti-Israel Lecturer Threatens to Sue Anyone Who Publishes Her Talk: The Tower
Mark Levin: ‘There Is a Big, Ugly Side to Illegal Immigration’: Jose R. Gonzalez

Scandal Central

Crack Dealer Freed Early Under Obama Plan Murders Woman, 2 Kids: JW
Illegal Alien Arrested for Serial Murder Spree: Warner Todd Huston
The Price of Resettling Refugees in America: Politically Short

Climate & Energy

Parched California Tries to Grab Storm Water before It Escapes: Tom Yulsman
Fire-breathing dragon appears in sky over Scotland: Yaron Steinbuch


National Review Endorses Ted Cruz; Ted Cruz Vows He'll Prosecute Hillary, Should Lynch Take a Pass: Ace
Levin: Ronald Reagan Wasn't Perfect, But He Was Great: CR Wire
Disgusting: Bill Clinton’s Flatulence Problems Go Back to White House Years: Brent Scher

Beck Slams Carson for Endorsing Trump: ‘The Guy Called You a Pedophile’: Tré Goins-Phillips
O’Reilly on Trump’s Cancelled Rally: ‘A Sign of What’s to Come’ Under President Sanders: Ken Meyer
A Complete List Of Everywhere, Everyone, Everything Trump Has Insulted: Steve Berman

Hillary Clinton Apologizes For Praising Nancy Reagan: Alex Peiffer
CBS and NBC Bury Arrest of Illegal Immigrant Charged with Killing Five Americans: Curtis Houck
‘She’s pi**ed!’ Viewers revel watching Hillary under fire, Univision wins ‘best moderated debate’: Nicole Haas


Fact-Checking “Ten Lies You Were Told about Islam” (Part One): David Wood
DHS Bulletin Focuses on Terror Threat to DC Hotels: John Rossomando
Oldest Man Alive is Auschwitz Holocaust Survivor, Age 112: Spencer Irvine

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Earth May Be a 1-in-700-Quintillion Kind of Place: Nathaniel Scharping
A Series of 3D Models Show Us the History of the Ideal Male Body: Scott J Grunewald
Apple invents 3D printer for space-age Liquidmetal rapid prototypes: Luke Dormehl


Emerson, Lake & Palmer Keyboardist Dead of Apparent Suicide: Robert Pasbani
Finally, All Grown Up.: MOTUS
We’re Calling Bull*** On Michelle Fields: Charles C. Johnson

Image: Emerson, Lake & Palmer Keyboardist Dead of Apparent Suicide
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QOTD: "Definitive Video...

Now with audio synced to the video. *

Oh and we have Trump's constant exhortations to beat up protesters too.

Weaklings and cowards feel like empowered supermen when in a crowd.

I didn't join the conservative movement to become a fascist." " --Ace


Anonymous said...

QOTD: Seriously Doug, I am losing all respect for you. I am dismayed that you are pushing the narrative that Trump is a fascist, his followers are fascists and that Trump is responsible for the political violence that is breaking out against Trump and his supporters. That narrative is false and dangerous.
The American Left and their racist minority legions have decided that political violence is needed to take out Trump. Today in Ohio they stormed the stage and one of them actually grabbed Trump's leg before the Secret Service could physically shield him. What do you think the Leftist mob would have done to Trump if they had succeeded in pulling him off the stage? I think that they might have killed him.
Do you think that Trump supporters should have to fear for their lives and property because they have chosen a candidate that the Left and the GOP establishment hate? Do you think it is O.K that Trump and his supporters are being put in fear of violence and have been stopped from gathering and speaking? It's pretty clear who the fascists are Doug. It's not Trump or his supporters.
You are spreading a dangerous lie Doug. Our country is very close to violently imploding. Please put the gas can and matches away.

directorblue said...

As I have said at least 14,000 times, I will support Trump whole-heartedly if he's the nominee.

At least he loves America.

That said, as another commenter noted:

Tell me what difference there is between Trump’s statements and this: “If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun.” Do you want to support Obama’s right to say that too? Is your response to just say something worse? Apparently so."

Trump needs to tone down the rhetoric regarding protesters.

Teapartydoc said...

That's how they plan to keep us shut up until they have complete control. Stop defending these fascists.

Anonymous said...

When you are on the same side as Bernie, Soros, Hillary, BLM, ISIS, and the media, taking the tack that a political rally is 'dangerous' speech and protestors are entitled to cause violence and intimidation to stop that free expression of speech, you have crossed the intellectual Rubicon.

Is Cruz worth it?

Not to me. Cruz lost me today and I'm #neverCruz now. I'll be voting for Trump on Tuesday, Thank yourself and your/his defense of the indefensible for the sake of political expedience. You both made me sick.

So Ferguson is okay with you now? Gak, if this is being conservative in 2016, count me out.

Anonymous said...

Well, 6:22, since you're anonymous and i have no idea who you are, don't let the door hit you on the butt on the way out.

With that said, did you not see the very first story in the Linx today?

Unlike you, I'm a Cruz support first and a Trump supporter second. Glad you guys are willing to hand over the country to nutjobs like Hillary and Sanders over criticism.

Anonymous said...

In studies of the Trump phenomena, it’s been determined there are two distinct kinds of Trumpers
[The generic term for the whole group]
First we have Leftists who only pretend to support Trump, these we will label as Trumpsters (Rhythms with Dumpster)

Definition of Trumpster
1 A person or group favouring radical, reforming, or socialist views that feigns support for Donald J. Trump (Original family name Drumpf)
2 (often the Trumpsters ) [treated as singular or plural] A group or party favouring radical, reforming, or socialist views supporting the weakest candidate with unusually small hands.
’the Trumpsters are preparing to fight presidential elections’
’he is on the Trumpsters side of the party’
Old English lyft, left 'weak' of West Germanic origin and from modern English, the combination of Trump + Dumpster

The second are non-leftists taken in by the Trump scam:

Definition of Trumpfin
1 A person displaying the cultist fascination for Donald J. Trump (Original family name Drumpf)
2 A person who refuses to listen to any reason or logic of the flaws their devotional figure.
‘I don’t care if Trump is a liar, I’m voting for him just the same because he’s truthful said the Trumpfin’
3 informal A gullible or easily deceived person.
‘What are you, a Trumpfin’?
bonehead, dimwit, dunce, fool, idiot, ignoramus illiterate, imbecile, moron, pinhead, schlemiel, schmuck, simpleton, tomfool
The display of cult allegiance to a scam artist, specifically Donald J. Trump
‘Trumpfian logic is no logic at all’
From modern English, the combination of Trump + fan (anglicized)