Friday, March 18, 2016

Has the GOPe "Hail Mary" Pass to @JohnKasich Failed?

The Beltway Establishment's original plan to hand Jeb Bush the GOP nomination (also known as the "GOPe Splitter Strategy") hinged on flooding the zone with establishment candidates to clear a path for "the Smart Bush™".

That plan failed as it became clear that voter anger was at an all-time high, levitating anti-establishment candidates like Donald Trump and Ted Cruz to the top two positions. As recently as last week, the proxy for the establishment -- Mitt Romney -- was still pinning his hopes on the likes of John Kasich, the lone establishment buffoon remaining.

Today, however, Romney and the GOPe appear to have succumbed to reality:

Mitt Romney, the 2012 Republican presidential nominee, said Friday he's voting for Texas Sen. Ted Cruz in Tuesday's Utah Republican presidential caucuses.

The announcement, made on Romney's Facebook page, is a blow to Ohio Gov. John Kasich, with whom Romney had campaigned earlier this month. In fact, Romney said, a vote for Kasich is a vote for "Trumpism."

John Kasich is a gun-banning, Common Core-supporting, Amnesty-lover.

A vote for Kasich is a vote for Trump -- or chaos.

I would urge voters to ignore this petty and pathetic little man.

Hat tip: BadBlue Real-Time News.


Anonymous said...

Mitt had Obama by the short and curlys after that first debate(I swear to god, Obama was on drugs, go back and look at it, he was flying) Why in the world he didn't put the stake in this vampire's heart, Candy Crowley or no Candy Crowley, with the Benghazi disaster laid before him says all you need to know about this loser. I don't give a shit that he's worth $250 million, he's a fucking loser. Politically speaking of course.

I say a public vote of confidence in Cruz is a Kiss of Death so thanks Mitt, for showing us the true nature of irrelevance.

Frodus said...

So let me make sure I got this straight: The RNC/GOP is willing to give up the White House and Supreme court for at least 10 to 20 years because they are some how "ENTITLED KNOW IT ALL LITTLE PRICKS THAT KNOWS WHATS BEST FOR THE MIDDLE CLASS" That themselves had a major role in destroying with their complete and total inaction.

The political winds are blowing the political all knowing 8 ball, and it has landed bottom up: "Its says" this is the hill you shall parish on.

Trump has proved many things in this current election cycle: 1) Money doesn't always when elections, 2) trump for a lack of a better work has Sh*t as far as a ground game. 3) Its the message stupid!

Politics is a blood sport and has away of bring out the worst in people.

People are drawn to power, its an aphrodisiac which means the leadership will falling inline behind Trump and vice versa that goes with Trump to.

Lets keep in mind if you will for political proposes that we have a party that by no means is remotely associated with the the will of the People.

Karl said...

In 2008 Mitt was closer to McCain than Cruz is to Trump today. Mitt stepped out of the 2008 race when he still had a chance.

Today Mitt is backing the #2 guy - who has a near-zero chance to win the necessary delegates for nomination.

If Mitt is the same guy as he was in 2008, doesn't this tell us Mitt thinks Cruz is another McCain?