Saturday, March 05, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: Harmonic Convergence of Paranoia!

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Harmonic Convergence of Paranoia!: Mickey Kaus
Donald Trump can’t keep his H-1B/H-2B immigration lies straight any more: Moe Lane
The Oversized Donald Trump: Stuart Schneiderman

An Open Letter to Conservative Media: Why I Have Left the Movement: John Kluge
Still Clueless: Cold Fury
Priebus: There will be no 'shell games' with GOP nomination: Eliza Collins

The Future of American Democracy: The Z Man
GOP Comes Into Focus As Yet Wide Open, Particularly for Ted Cruz: Red Jahncke
State with largest % of Muslims support Trump’s call for ban on Muslim immigration: BNI

Everyone Except Hillary is Racist and Sexist: Sultan Knish
Sounds like Hillary could be afflicted with ‘Trump anxiety’: Doug Powers
Actual Fascism Was My #NeverTrump Moment: Josh Hammer

Trump says ‘I’m changing’ H-1B position -- then says he isn’t: Patrick Thibodeau
NYC politicians pile onto Wal-Mart ammo lawsuit: Chris Eger
Oath-Breaking Governor and LEOs Torpedo West Virginia ‘Constitutional Carry’: David Codrea


Can Socialist Monopoly compete with Capitalist Monopoly?: Cube
The Most Pro-Clinton and Pro-Sanders Zip Codes in America: CrowdPAC
German Banks Told To Start Hoarding Cash: Tyler Durden

Scandal Central

US House Files SCOTUS Friend of the Court Amicus on Illegal Immigration: DACA DAPA: MagNote
Clinton Campaign Writes Checks to Planned Parenthood: Bill McMorris
Cruz: Brokered convention would lead to voter 'revolt': Ben Kamisar

Climate & Energy

How Chesapeake CEO Aubrey McClendon Helped Push Coal to the Brink: MIT Tech Review


Watch Mark Levin's Rousing Speech at CPAC 2016: Scoop
I Love My White Male Privilege: MB
Oof: Clown de Blasio Credits Wave of Stabbings and Slashings on Fewer Guns: JWF

Debate Scorecard: Ace
Just who was Romney targeting in his speech?: Taylor Millard
Ted Cruz Explains Why He Treated Donald Trump Like a Schoolchild at Last Night’s : Justin Green

Fox’s Dobbs: Romney, Paul Ryan Are Despicable ‘Twosome from Hell’ Betraying the GOP: Josh Feldman
Trump donated to group that promotes homosexuality to 5-year-olds, ‘fisting’ in middle school: Ben Johnson
Clinton Camp Bizarrely Claims FBI Not Investigating Server: Daniel Halper


"Democracy Ends In Turkey": Prominent Anti-Erdogan Newspaper Seized In Midnight Raid: ZH
20,000 ISIS-uniforms found in Spain: SPEISA
Migrants in Greece to be handed cash in envelopes to 'maintain their dignity': DailyMail

ISIS supporters have put together a handbook: "Lone Wolf Terrorism For Dummies".: MFS-TON
Swedish govt in “panic” after ISIS letters give 3 days to convert to Islam or be decapitated: Raymond Ibrahim
Saudi FM: Assad must go at start of Syrian transition: Times of Israel

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Amazon Quietly Removes Encryption Support from its Gadgets: Motherboard
How DuPont Concealed the Dangers of the New Teflon Toxin: Intercept
Can Police Drones Save Money for Ohio?: Jason Reagan


BREAKING: We Have IDed Rubio Mistresses…: GotNews
What Weapon Did You Bring To The Dog Fight?: MOTUS
This AI Trump Twitter Bot Sounds Creepily Accurate: Chris Mills

Image: BREAKING: We Have IDed Rubio Mistresses…
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Get Your Own Trump University Diploma!

QOTD: "“Trump and Clinton Feast as 12 States Vote,” screamed the front-page headline of the New York Times, but it should have continued to say “but Trump collected only about 43% of the delegates yesterday.”

In Texas, Senator Cruz (44%) crushed Mr. Trump (27%) and Senator Rubio (18%), taking about two-thirds of the 155 delegates in the biggest contest of the night. Senator Rubio got no Texas delegates, since he did not make the 20% threshold. Mr. Cruz’s 17% margin over Donald Trump was one of the biggest winning margins of the night.

“The ceiling” reappeared. Mr.Trump broke through 40% in only two states, Alabama (42%) and Massachusetts (49%), the ultra-liberal Bay State — go figure." --Red Jahncke


Anonymous said...

Hey beat it, I took multiple degrees from Trump U. They look good on my "wall".
Bloviating Arts
Backward Science
Masticating Bilge Accumulations
and to remedy the fix this put me in I took a
Dr. of Plumin' Heatin' and Drain cleanin'.

Can't forget the unskilled job choices either, they start at 25 bucks an hour, and I hear The Donald funds this from his own stash.

Unknown said...

Oh, so you're gonna vote for o'er-the-Hillary, are you? Prepare 2B damned to Hellfire... if you know what that is, dear. If you do, but dont care, I cant help you.

If you do, utterly-gorgeous-girl, and wanna wiseabove to Seventh-Heaven, follow us...

trustNjesus, dear.
Meet me Upstairs.
Let's getta Big-Ol beer...
gotta lotta tok about