Friday, March 18, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: An Invitation for Cruz and Trump

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An Invitation for Cruz and Trump: CR Wire
Marco Rubio: Let’s face it, Ted Cruz is the only conservative left in this race: Hot Air
Report: Kasich Trying to Spoil Utah for Cruz: Scoop

Immigration: the mother of all issues: Timothy P. Carney
GOP: Timeout for Dealmaking: Dick Morris
CT Bill Would Confiscate Guns Before Allegations Proven: AWR Hawkins

Only Ted Cruz can stop Donald Trump: Michael Barone
Obama going all in to ensure Hillary Clinton succeeds him: John Sexton
How Hillary Plans to Destroy Trump: Tina Nguyen

Rubio Allies Drop Lawsuit Keeping Kasich From Pennsylvania Ballot: Treehouse
Donors Spent $200 Million On Failed 2016 Candidates: Sean Kelly
Lindsey Graham to host fundraiser for Cruz: Curt Mills


Academic Diversity and Ideological Conformity: Stuart Schneiderman
Say, where is the African-American revolt against Democrats?: Ed Morrissey
As U.S. Ports Go, So Goes the U.S. Economy: Matthew A. Winkler

Scandal Central

Obama’s Supreme Court Pick Has Worked on Multiple Democratic Political Campaigns: Brent Scher
WikiLeaks publishes searchable archive of Clinton emails: Rudy Takala
China Continuing Cyber Attacks on U.S. Networks: Bill Gertz


The War on Biology: The Z Man
Scott Adams Says This Anti-Trump Ad Backfires: BattleSwarm
Shakedown Socialism: second edition, improved & expanded: Cube

The Splintering of the Conservative Media: Steve McCann
Sean Hannity: If GOP Elites Steal Nomination from Trump or Cruz, “I’m Walking”: GWP
CNN a heavy contributor to Trump's earned media: T. Becket Adams


ISIS's slaughter of innocent Christians and Yazidis is finally declared genocide by U.S.: Daily Mail
Obama Makes Nice With The World’s Dictators, But It’s All Out War With Republicans: Elephant
Cruz Announces National Security Coalition: Ted Cruz

Vigilante migrants drag 'paedophile' through refugee camp to police after 'raping child': Zoie O'Brien
Student Sentenced to 15 Years Hard Labor in North Korea Claims US Set Him Up: Jake Anderson
Night Hunter: Russia’s New Helicopter Gunship Grabs Int’l Attention: Sputnik

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Companies Want To Replicate Your Dead Loved Ones With Robot Clones: Natalie O'Neill
Bulova CURV Watch Features World’s First Curved Chronograph Movement: ABlogToWatch
This robot flies, lands and crawls up walls like a bug: c|net


EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: President Trump's First Inaugural Address: Ben Shapiro
How Baseball’s New Data Is Changing Sabermetrics: Rob Arthur
Todd Palin’s Daughter Just Revealed How Bad His Injuries Are: Fred Maxwell

Image: How Hillary Plans to Destroy Trump
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QOTD: "As it becomes ever less likely that Clinton will face a more traditional Republican candidate like Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz, her campaign has quietly shifted gears, testing new lines of attack against Trump and recasting her message as a “campaign against bigotry” in all forms. Anticipating that Trump will follow through with his promise to go after Bill Clinton’s past marital problems, Hillary’s team is planning a counterattack that includes highlighting Trump’s history of sexist statements, framing the election as a stark choice for female voters across the political spectrum..." --Tina Nguyen


Anonymous said...

Please Hillary, please unleash the sexist attack dog against Trump. All Donald has to
do is trot out your husband's sexist and predatory past replete with your involvement
to discredit these women to show what a fraud you are when it comes to women's rights.

Sibyl said...

For the view of a Christian, Texas former Cruz supporter who worked on Cruz's Senate campaign - go to

Cruz is not conservative, and not an outsider and not honest.

Anonymous said...

Please Killary, please unleash the sexist attack dog against Trump - it will show us again what a petty, sexist, lawless, vindictive, greedy, conniving, evil eyed, black hearted, diabolical trollop you really are. You say your life is an open book honey, you just don't mention that it's an open book of matches.