Friday, October 09, 2009

Best of the Stunned Obama Nobel Prize Reactions

CBullitt: Jack Squat Wins Nobel

Hot Air:

Two key White House aides were both convinced they were being punked when they heard the news, reported ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos.

“It’s not April 1, is it?” one said.

Vanderleun: There He Is.... Miss-ter A-MER-I-CA!: Nobel Committee Now Officially Not Worth the Dynamite It Would Take to Blow Them Away:

Accomplishments are not the only thing that's a bit fuzzy about this "moment." Here's a screen shot of the Nobel announcement page at 3:07:

Rather symbolic, isn't it?

Somewhere in the private quarters of the White House, two people are having a big, big laugh.

But not, I fear, the last laugh in this rolling farce.


No Quarter: Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize for wanting world peace:

Other candidates for consideration include:

Miss Teen South Carolina - For her desire to provide the US Americans, South Africans and The Iraq with maps.

Jules Crittenden: Peace in our time (commenter Fatty Bolger):

Confirmed! Here’s the leaked text of Obama being notified by IM that he is the recipient of the Peace Prize:

Obama: HUH?
Obama: SRSLY?
Emanuel: YAH
Obama: WTF?

Progressive Douchebag Watch: I will always remember what I was doing when I heard that Barack Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize: Taking a Crap

New York Daily News: In one fell swoop, the Nobel Prize jury just made a mockery of the world's most revered honor

Barry Rubin: Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize--What More Do You Need to Know to Understand Today's World?:

...I checked over and over and over again on the Internet and called up several people just to make sure that this wasn’t a satire, that some new type of computer virus hadn’t infiltrated my software that would make fools of anyone credulous enough to believe this hoax.

And then I realized that it makes perfect sense.

It was considered a big joke when people quoted Woody Allen, the American comedian and film director, as saying, that showing up is eighty percent of success. (Allen says he doesn’t remember ever having said that.) With Obama the percentage is considerably higher.

BlogProf: The Nobel Peace Prize Is Dead To Me

Michelle's Mirror: World Readership

Antiwar: Bizarro Peace Prize Awarded to Obama

No Pasaran: The Nobel Peace Prize: Finally, the Apologizer-in-Chief Gets Returns on His Denigration of America

Jammie Wearing Fool:

A commenter at Ace of Spades gave us a great idea. Start stuffing the ballot, folks. In fact, from this day forward, for any online contest, be sure to nominate/vote for Obama just as a means of showing what a joke his "peace" prize is.

Don Surber: Nobel for Obama ties him with Carter and Al Gore

Jules Crittenden: One Other Thought

Ace: Top Ten Candidates Who Almost Won the Nobel Prize:

Sad Old Goth


Dr. John

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