Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What to do when they're expecting (a decision on the troops)

Complain to The New York Times about all the attention and criticism paid to your "date night" on Broadway.

Collect a Nobel Peace Prize for actions and accomplishments unknown.

Fly to Copenhagen to lobby for the Olympics which, by the way, worked as well as the Stimulus package.

Play 24 rounds of golf; by comparison President George W. Bush, mocked mercilessly by the media for the same 'offense', played a third as much golf as 0.

Attend 23 fundraisers in nine months; by comparison, W. attended 6 fundraisers during his first year in office.

Given thirty-plus speeches pressing for socialized medicine... and I think that's understating things.

Name disgraceful moonbat Alan 'K Street Whore' Grayson "an outstanding member of Congress".

Very, very important things to do. Much more important than making a decision regarding our men and women in combat.

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