Sunday, October 18, 2009

Larwyn's Linx: Not One Reform Goal is Met by Harkin, Baucus Bills

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Not one goal of health reform is met by Harkin or Baucus bills: NRO
Clean Up Your Own Mess, Mr. President: LegalIns
Barack Obama's Anti-Semitic Website: BigGov

Al Sharpton, You're Fired!: AT
Academia goes silent on free speech: WSJ
Barack Obama: A Man Apart: PJM

Splitting ObamaCare to Fool the Public: AT
Health Czar Emanuel: We Must Deny Care to Elderly, Disabled: Examiner
Scozzafava Struggles for Support in NY23: PJM

Obama DOJ supports the illegal immigrant vote (again): STACLU


Union President Turns On Obama over Health Care: Dollard
"In a Banana Republic, You Never Know": Power Line
Unions pay members $11/hr. for staged ObamaCare rally: BMW

Bertha Lewis’s “Sista From Another Mista,” Randi Weingarten: BigGov
Obamaconomy: Has TEOTWAWKI gone mainstream?: TigerHawk


NYT: Fox News Winner in Fight With Obama: NewsBusters
Limbaugh Bad, Mao Good: Steyn
Cop Kill Apologist Canned by Fox: AIM

Happy Days! NYT Says Recession is Over!: AT
A Protest at UNO: SIGIS
Sharpton threatens to sue Limbaugh: Ace

“I Admit It. I Want My Reality Back”: Driscoll
HuffPo Death Watch: Fausta
Warren Ballentine Tells Juan Williams to "Go back to the porch!": AmDig

Murdoch To White House: Thanks For The Ratings, Chumps!: STACLU
The AP: The Original 'Birthers': JWF
Can we talk? Blogging for profit: S. Weasel

Climate & Energy

CO2 driven global warming is not supported by the data: AT
Perfect: CBO chief says Cap-and-Trade would slow economy: BlogProf


Pakistan launches massive assault on Taliban: Wizbang
Iranian Revolutionary Guard Commanders Assassinated: TAB
Maybe the Olympic Committee wants a do-over: JWF

Why I Take Ahmadinejad’s Money: PJM (Gould)
Palestinian Prime Minister Rejects "Mickey Mouse" State: Rubin


How to raise good cholesterol, lower bad cholesterol: BlogProf
Guess which planet or satellite this is: TAB
Tweaking Vista: Maggie's Farm


That Viral Drunk Video: Ace
Top 10 Most Expensive Accidents in History: BuzzInn
Al's Song: Asian Correspondent

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