Sunday, October 25, 2009

Larwyn's Linx: The Silent Power Grab

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The Silent Power Grab: LegalIns
Hacker's feeble public option deception excuse: Verum Serum
Bay State liberals shun Obama’s visit: Herald

The “Ridiculous” Constitutionality Question: Moderate Voice
Preview of Government Health Care: 11-Hour Waits: BlogProf
Who is the armed citizen?: Pupista

Project Vote: A twisted branch of the ACORN tree: MonCrief
Bushitis, An Unproductive Mindset: Cape Cod
Poll Shows Californians Hate Pelosi With A Passion: Scooter

ObamaDrama: AT
InTrade: Gov Races Split: Carpe Diem


Dems to Give ACORN Regulatory Authority Over Financials: House
GAO finds no evidence that TARP bailout worked: Tapscott
Reid: We're closing in on 60 votes for socialized medicine: GWP

Latest Health Care Bill Will Cost Americans $1 Trillion: GWP
Rx: The Interstate Insurance Competition Cure: Carpe Diem
How a bookstore owner deals with a feminist moonbat: Brutally Honest

Creating Systemic Risk in Health Care: Belmont


Our Obama-Approved News Team At Work: JOM
NYT: Why Obama declared War on Fox: Surber
Media Matters and the Administration Synching Up?: Confederate Yankee

My Letter to the Editor: Pro-ACORN Op-Ed Written by ACORN Consultant: Patterico
Clues about the changes coming to McClatchy newspapers: McClatchy Watch
Ferret-Faced Freak: Fox News is Seditious: JWF

All the News That's Fit: AT (Hoven)
CNN’s Rick Sanchez Beclowns Himself Again: Lincoln Suppressed the Media, Too!: Nice Deb
CNBC silencing criticism of Obama?: Hot Air

Climate & Energy

The international festival of teh stupid: Atkins
Good News, Lord Monckton: You Can Untwist Your Knickers Now: Ace


Obama's Minions are Ingrates: Hayes
Saudi court orders female journalist flogged: Maktoob
The Guardian Wipes Israel Off the Nobel Prize Map: PJM (Gould)

Iranian Negotiations: Ploy of the Week or Deal of the Century?: Rubin
Tehran sends foes message with death sentences: Times
National Lawyers Guild Works for Israel's Destruction: AT


Google Maps' appearance takes new direction: CNet
The High-Tech Sandwich is Missing the Meat: PJM


History: Meanwhile, back in Europe (1600): Mike in New Hampshire
68-Year-Old’s Message Continues to Resonate: BMW
An Insult to our Democracy: YouTube

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