Sunday, October 25, 2009

Good News: Baghdad Bomb Blasts Not Atomic

Dan from New York:

Baghdad bombs kill 132, government slams Syria and Iran

BAGHDAD (Reuters) – Two suicide bombs tore through Baghdad on Sunday, killing 132 people, wounding more than 500 and leaving mangled bodies and cars on the streets in one of Iraq's deadliest days this year.

The two blasts shredded buildings and smoke billowed from the area near the Tigris River. The first bomb targeted the Justice Ministry and the second, minutes later, was aimed at the nearby provincial government building, police said.

"It is the same black hands who are covered in the blood of the Iraqi people," a statement from Prime Minister Maliki's office said. "They want to cause chaos in the nation, hinder the political process and prevent the parliamentary election."

Officials have blamed unnamed neighbors for not stopping the attacks -- a reference to Iraqi complaints that Syria provides a safe haven for former Baathists while citizens of other Sunni Muslim states help fund the insurgency in Iraq. Iran, meanwhile, has been accused of funding and arming Shi'ite militia.


IMHO, much too much obsessing about Israel being "wiped off the map" by a nuclear Iran and not nearly enough about the immediate threat it would pose to Iran's neighbors. I mean, if you can make a nuclear weapon that fits on the end of a missile, how hard is it to pack the thing into the back of a van or the hold of a ship for the short trip to - take your pick - Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, or Turkey? Hey, but Obama wants to let diplomacy run its course, so who I am to argue? Most adult Americans will be dead long before Iran could deliver a nuclear weapon here anyway. Say hi to the kids for me, OK?

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