Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Larwyn's Linx: ACORN Watch: Fight the Thugs

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ACORN Watch: Fight the Thugs: Malkin
Time for five fundraisers, no time for McChrystal: NRO
The Liberal Slave Ship: PJTV (Zo)

Democrat ObamaCare Strong-Arm Tactics Are A Disgrace: Kesler
The Maoist explains herself: egg, face at the White House: PJM (Kimball)
The New and Improved Savior: Atlas

Dear Newt Gingrich: Meet Ronald Reagan: Malkin
Daily Scoreboard: Surber
Shock: ACORN linked to voter fraud: Wizbang

Look in the mirror, Mr. President: Examiner
Knowledge is Freedom: Doc Zero
10th Amendment as Guerilla Street Art: Charlie Foxtrot


Unlike Obama, Americans reject European model: Barone
Gold's 'No Confidence' Vote on Obama: AT
Health Insurance Lies: MoneyRunner

Why We Need 72 Hours to Read Legislation, and How You Can Help: BigGov (Rep. Wyden)
The No-Insurance Club on Fox: Carpe Diem
Obama's EEOC Nominee would redefine marriage: AT

Checkmate! Government now largest employer in Michigan: BlogProf
Had enough? Time for a boycott!: Denninger
Quick, Easy and Without Cost: R&R

Employment Graph of the Day: AT


Tapper to Gibbs: Who are you to decide what a news organization is?: Hot Air
L'affaire Scozzafava continues: Pundette
Geller, Spencer Score Major Book Deal: AmDig

Barack Hugo Obama: Protein Wisdom
Clash of the Titans: Palin to appear on Oprah: Ace
Media Matters and President Obama in Lock Step: AT (Shiver)

White House Attack on Fox Intended to Keep Leftwing Media from Covering Their Scoops: Ace
Sheriff Arpaio Smacks Down CNN's Rick Sanchez: Hope for America
HBO Obama documentary fails to find substance: Pundette

Climate & Energy

AGW Propaganda Writ Large: The UK Govt. Prime-Time Fear And Indoctrination Program: CBullitt


Terrorism? What Terrorism?: PJM (Solway)
2002 Hebrew U. Cafeteria Bombed; 2009 Islamic U. Cafeteria Bombed: HNN
Demographics: YouTube

Giving credit to Obama when credit is due: PJM (Mauro)


Most Stunning Medical Images of 2009: PopSci
Nikola Tesla: The Forgotten Wizard: YouTube


Telenoika Audiovisual Mapping @ Ingravid Festival, Figueres 9/2009: Vimeo
Fortune Favors the Bold: YouTube
Obama's War on Fox News Becomes a Quagmire: Cube

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