Thursday, October 22, 2009

Larwyn's Linx: Killer audit: ObamaCare raises costs by $750B

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Killer audit: ObamaCare increases health spending by $750B: PatRoom
Obama hits opponents with Chicago brass knuckles: Examiner
Little Hope, Less Change: Hanson

Pornographic, anti-Christian art funded by 'Safe Schools Czar': GWP
Obama's War on Fox & Half the Country: AT
Idiot Grayson Gets Punk'd: JWF

Scozzafava Candidacy: Not the Fault of DC GOP: PJM (Riehl)
ACORN vote fraud may have tipped local election: AT (Moran)
McDonnell crushing Deeds in VA: PatRoom

The Most Extreme Appointees in American History: Western
From Guantanamo Bay to Standish Max: SIGIS
NY-23: Hoffman Calls on Scozzafava to Leave the Race: WashInd

NY-23: Patterico
Strong-arming your doctor: LegalIns
'Everything's all aces now, we've just got to keep it that way': RSM


White House declares war on U.S. Chamber of Commerce: Examiner
Feds threatened to oust BofA execs over Merrill deal: Times
$787 billion means 2,708,600 fewer jobs: Surber

Government made the housing mess. Now clean it up: Examiner
Obama Targets Wall Street, Those Who Block Health Care Reform: Tapper
Oopsie! Obama's jobs promise falls 6 million short: BlogProf

ACORN Funding Ban Expires 10/31: Patterico
Prosperity Lost: AT


Jake Tapper at the White House: InstaPundit
The Media’s Complicity: Analysis of ACORN Coverage: BigGov
White House emailing MSNBC during show: JWF

The White House: destined to lose its war against Fox News: Telegraph
From My Cold Dead Lips: RandR
'This Is The First Step Toward Single-Payer: I Admit That': NewsBusters

Why the Left Fears Strong Women: Emery
Socialist nutjob Krugman admits public option will lead to single-payer: GWP
Obama Meets With MSNBC's Olbermann and Maddow: NewsBusters

White House vs. FOX: How to Stop an Army of Davids: Verum Serum
If Obama Loves America, Press 1: LegalIns
Miss Public Option vs. lazy, gluttonous insurance CEOs: Pundette

Damage Done, Media Matters Now Admits Rush Never Made Racist Remarks: Equalizer

Climate & Energy

Brilliant: Another Global-Warming Tort Case Moves Forward: CHN
How's this for scary?: Steam Valve


"The White House must stop dithering while America's armed forces are in danger": Wizbang
Another Gitmo Recidivist Killed in Theater: Power Line
Case shows terrorists may target malls: Times

Reaching Out and Preaching Hate: PJM (Kaufman)
Graham warns of terrorist attack by 2013: Herald-Tribune


Filippo Casella: Tim Blair
Why I go to weddings: Denny
Halloween costumes have P.C. crowd up in arms: Crazy Unk

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