Sunday, October 18, 2009

PROMBRON: The armored SUV that makes Hummers whimper

PROMBRON, formerly known as Russo Baltique, is a Russian armored car manufacturer. Earlier this year, it introduced a MONACO BR6 limited edition armored SUV.

Only 100 2009 models were made. The car is a beast, weighing in at 3,700 Kg (8,157 lbs.).

Equipped with an 850 horsepower engine, it can reportedly hit a top speed of 240 km/per hour (150 mph). A Maybach-designed interior includes waterproof seats made of, uhm, whale penis.

Six video cameras, with optional 24 x 7 recording, allow a security guard to monitor all 360-degrees around the vehicle. There are three 14-inch flat-panel monitors, an on-board computer, CD, DVD, Bose sound system, etc.

Twin, auto-open gas tanks can be filled from either side of the vehicle.

Jameslist lists one, nearly new 2009 model for sale (price on request). Let me know if you buy one: I'll feature a road test in a post.

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