Monday, October 26, 2009

Larwyn's Linx: Rogue Stars Rising

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NY-23: Rogue Stars Rising: Doc Zero
Obama a tough guy, at least with Fox News: Steyn
The plan to slam 'universal voter registration' through Congress : Cold Fury

Health reform written behind closed doors: Times
Mayor Daley's empty property tax rhetoric: Examiner
MI Gov.: GOP 'bowing at altar of teabaggers': BlogProf

NY-23: Interview with Doug Hoffman: JIP
WWII Vet Warns of Complacency: BMW


See It Coming: Owners Take Orders From the State: Green Room
Obama vs. Chamber: another SEIU payoff?: Breitbart
FDIC's Bair Addresses a Worried Nation: Zero Hedge

SEIU leads new banking shakedown campaign: Malkin
Video: California treasurer tells legislature to get a clue: Hot Air
MI Rep to Voters: 'Stop Calling Me!': BlogProf


Daily Scoreboard: Surber
Israel Loses the Propaganda War: AT
Speak No Evil, If by Evil You Mean “Disagreement With Obama”: Dewey

Laura Ingraham opens up a can of whoop-ass on Charlie Gibson: Malkin
When Journalists Attack!: Driscoll
The Power of a Logo: Conservative Hippie Chick (PJTV)

More childish obsession with Fox from the White House: AT
Maureen Dowd decries Islam's misogyny: Brutally Honest
NPR objects to the use of its content: BlogProf

NY-23: Ordinary Americans make miracles happen: RSM
NY-23: Tea Party Mandate: Take Back the Party: Hoffman
Dan Rather Hailed for 'Courage' at University of Texas; Bashes Fox 'Propaganda': NewsBusters

Climate & Energy

British energy producers say emission limits 'delusional': Telegraph
Aliens Cause Global Warming: CBullitt (Crichton)
Climate Alarmists: Understandable Motivations, Unknowable Results: PJM

Think Globally, Cull Locally: Steyn


Obama Remembers to Forget: Power Line
John Kerry to the Rescue: AT
What Is Zionism?: GM's Place (Grobman)

A word from Kristofer Harrison on Obama’s ingrates: Power Line
Nuclear Fallout: Steyn
Obama Sends Love Note to Cuba: S&L

Obama Heads to Oslo for Nobel; Too Busy for Berlin Wall Ceremony: PJM
Palestinians Riot At Temple Mount: S&L


Gartner: Loosen up on social networks, security: CNet


Lilah Agonistes: C & S (Language Warning)
Tiger Picture of the Day: TigerHawk

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