Saturday, October 17, 2009

Larwyn's Linx: A Question of Faith

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A Question of Faith: Doc Zero
Obama Hope Artist Admits to Scam: Riehl
ACORN rolls along, business as usual: NewsBusters

Hundreds protest Obama at Texas A&M: GWP
What should be in ObamaCare (but won't be): NRO
A Baker's Dozen: Palin Was Right: Texas4Palin

An ACORN-Friendly, Union-Backing, Tax-Spend RINO: Malkin
Judy Biggert Goes After ACORN: Sun-Times
I Am Republican: Black Republican

Feds make new ICE pact with Sheriffs: Times
ACORN's woes strain its ties to Democrats: Gray Lady
I thought we were supposed to shut up and get out of the way?: AT

She came not to bury Mao, but to praise him: Commentary
Law professors snubbed Northern Command: BMW
There's a Maoist in the White House: Marathon


'Furlough Fridays' Sickening Reminder of Teachers Union Priorities: BigGov
The Gravy Train of Economic Inequality: PJM
Barney Frank, Predatory Lender: WSJ

FY 2009 Federal Deficit Terrifyingly Huge: Ace
Creigh Deed's Union Label: WSJ
Liberal Editor Suggests Making the Recession ‘Worse’: CNS

Dems Promised 2.5M Stimulus Jobs. We got 30K and Lost Millions Instead: GWP
Animation: Job Creation and Destruction, Regionally, Over the Past 5 Years: Ace
Commercial Real Estate Next Big ‘Shoe to Drop’: BMW


The Search for the Wikipedia Libelist: AT (Alter)
4 ESPN stories on Limbaugh; 0 mentions of NFLPU Dem Hack: BlogProf
Going Rogue for $9: Surber

Rush in the WSJ: AT
Boston Globe Columnist Is Right: America Sucks: PJM
Systemic Black Enslavement: BlogProf

Glenn Reynolds' Quote o' the Day: BlogProf

Climate & Energy

Drill baby drill: Palin
Carbon: Passive rider on the Earth/Space Machine: AT


How Turkey Was Lost: Glick
Palestine problem hopeless, but not serious: Spengler
Socialized Medicine: 1 in 8 NHS Hospitals to Close: Surber

Debacle in Moscow: Hammer
10 Questions to Ask About Radical Muslims: Hamid


Google sparks e-books fight with Kindle : G&M
Is A Smoking Vaccine On The Horizon?: Hospitalist
The Cloud Ate Your Data: PJM


True Nature of Women: Hoosierboy

The truth is that private enterprise is always less of a gamble than government programs, because it’s much easier to control or terminate a private contract. Government programs are eternal – even the worst of them are extremely difficult to kill. It’s hard enough to simply reduce their budgets… in fact, it can be brutally difficult to reduce the rate of increase in their budgets. I’ve always found it absurd when liberals present private-sector plans as “risky schemes,” when Big Government is the real gamble, and you’re chained to the card table while it deals busted flushes. --Doc Zero.

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