Thursday, October 29, 2009

Larwyn's Linx: Divide and Conquer: the Democrat Party Strategy

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Storm Clouds Over America: Hanson
Next Tuesday's Lessons for 2010: AT (Wright)
The Single-Payer Bunch (Vid): Verum Serum

The Public Option Trap: Spectator
5 for Fighting: Cold Fury
The Silver-Tongued Devil: Obama Tells Stupak: BlogProf

American Tears: Tonight, I Weep: Rants
Real Members of Congress: InstaPundit
Racism: Time To End the Double Standard: Brownfeld

Divide and Conquer: the Democrat Party Strategy: AT
Did The NRCC Bungle NY-23?: Riehl
Palin Files Financial Disclosures: Conserv4Palin

Rep. LaTourette Mocks Cry-Baby Dems On House Floor: GWP


Economic Freedom Fighters Must Unite: RCM (Kudlow)
Obama and the Old Hat People: WSJ
Porkulus Comes Home to Roost: BVBL

Housing sales drop “unexpectedly”: Morrissey
Flu-shot Shortage Highlights Govt. Incompetence: Morris
Chasing New Yorkers Away: MoneyRunner


LameStream Media: Why Did You Bypass These Juicy ACORN Nuggets?: BigGov (Giles)
That Fiercely Independent 'Journalism': Taranto
Krauthammer: Obama attacks on Bush “disgusting”: Morrissey

A truce in the White House-Fox wars?: Sister Toldjah
Virginian Pilot: Thank you for endorsing Creigh Deeds: MoneyRunner
‘One Voice Against Socialism’ Inspires Movement: BigGov

Guilty verdict in Christian-Newsom murders: Malkin
Fear of Fox: Autocrats and the Uppity Media: AT
Multiple Layers of Painstaking Fact-Checking Oversight: Ace

Would he urinate on an image of Obama?: Anchoress
New CNN Slogans, Cheap: PJM


Where in the World Is Supreme Leader Khamenei?: Ledeen
Manipulating the Media, the Israelis and the West: GM's Place (Grobman)
Afghanistan: To Be or Not to Be: Grand Rants

UN Rapporteur whines about drone strikes - I taunt him: Ace
Canada Joins Global Juggernaut to Toughen Iran Sanctions: Timmerman
Lord of War: AT (Zigfeld)


Seven questions that keep Physicists up at night: NewSci
Is Twitter playing favorites with Dems?: Times


No More Celebrity Sex Tapes Please. We've Just Eaten: AmDig
Listen Stan: Denny
The Warrior Song: AmDig

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