Thursday, October 22, 2009

$787B in Federal Stimulus Creates/Saves 5.93 Jobs in Rhode Island

Like the previous post, I truly wish this news item was chock-full of delicious snark. Instead, what Tyler Durden reports is all too real: has some useful data to track the efficacy of the administration's stimulus program. Not only can the 5.93 people (not in millions, thousands, hundreds or even tens) in Rhode Island whose jobs the Federal Government managed to "save" send personal thank you letters to American taxpayers...

...this chart from, proudly pasted on the front page, supposed to make Americans happy about the amazing misuse of taxpayer funds to only "create" 30,000 jobs in America (never mind that actual unemployment by state continues to skyrocket, putting all claims about saved jobs very much in the highlight reel on the Comedy Channel)? And just how does the government provide 0.93 jobs? Can Rhode Islanders round up that particular employee or does the 0.07 account for the weighted average time spent by "saved employees" playing Solitaire?

Either way, another phenomenal demonstration of efficiency by the administration.

And a perfect preview for the impending catastrophe represented by National Socialized Medicine.

Update: "Average Unemployment Period Hits All Time Record High Of 6 Months"

Update II: In California, "Obama [claims] an effect of .01222% on the employment rate... Each job created and or saved cost you $69,000."

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