Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Seven Lies in One Minute, Forty-Seven Seconds

Watch the video and count 'em yourself.

[1]. "I will make our government open and transparent so that anyone can ensure that our business is the People's business, and, just as Louis Brandeis once said, 'Sunlight is the greatest disinfectant…" [That is not what Brandeis said.]..."

[2]. "...and, as president, I am going to make it impossible for congressmen or lobbyists to slip pork-barrel projects or corporate welfare into laws when no one is looking because, when I'm president,..."

[3]. "...meetings where laws are written will be more open to the public. No more secrecy. That's a commitment I make to you as president. No more secrecy. And, when there's a bill that ends up on my desk as president, you, the public, will have 5 days to look online and find out what's in it before I sign it so that you know what you're government is doing..."

[4]. "When there are meetings between government lobbyists and a government agency, we will put as many of those meetings as possible on line for every American to watch..."

[5]. "When there's a tax bill being debated in Congress, you will know the names of the corporations that would benefit and how much money they would get..."

[6]. "...and we will put every corporate tax break and every pork-barrel project on line for every American to see..."

[7]. "...You will know who asked for them, and you can decide whether your representative is actually representing you."

Impressive. I didn't think anyone could outdo Bill Clinton for rapid-fire fairy-tales, but I was wrong.

Hat tips: Theo Spark and Dave W..

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