Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Larwyn's Linx: 1,502 Pages of ObamaCare: Point and Counterpoint

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Victory Against Big Labor: Malkin
ObamaCare support drops again: Hot Air
Alinskyite in Chief Is a Master Polarizer: AT (Shiver)

Dick Armey Heads to NY-23 for Hoffman: Red State
Budget tricks rife in health reform effort: Times
The Moral Case for Health Care Reform?: AT

ObamaCare: Point and Counterpoint: AT
Baucus Bill checks in at 1,502 pages: Hot Air
ACORN destroyed GOP voter registration forms: STACLU

Evolution of King County elections: Seattle Times
President Axelrod: AT


Joe Biden: "It's a Depression": GWP
How the Federal Reserve bailed out the world: Zero Hedge
Union Fees Likely to Kill Another Chicago Trade Show: STACLU

Obamanomics in Action: the Golf Cart Stimulus: Ruby Slippers
AP laments Detroit's plight; ignores 50 years of Dem rule: BlogProf
America's 10 Poorest Cities: ABC


Reuters Duped by Hoax Press Release, Hoax Group tied to SEIU and MoveOn.org: JWF
Fishwrap of Record Slashes Jobs: Malkin
Obama thinks all news networks are dumb: Riehl

Hume: Do Other Networks 'Like Being Patted on Head, Given Seal of Approval by White House?': NewsBusters
Did CNN Write Rush Smear While Fact-Checking SNL Skit?: BlogProf
Helen Thomas Warns White House to Quit Attacking Fox: NewsBusters

Has the WH crossed a line in its war on Fox News?: Sister Toldjah
CNN Analyst: Obama Can Talk With Ahmadinejad But Not FOX News?: GWP
CNN Psychologist Analyzes Talk Radio Popularity: NewsBusters

Oops: Half of Fox News Audience is Non-Republican: GOP

Climate & Energy

West Antarctic Ice Sheet May Not Be Losing Ice As Fast As Once Thought: Univ. of Texas
Monckton Interview: Global warming, global government?: Beck
Antarctic Summer Ice Melt at 'lowest ever recorded in the satellite history': Depot

'Green Jobs' In Germany: Power Line


NHS Workers Get Private Care: Surber
Graphs of the Day: AT
No Jews or Dogs Permitted at Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Conference: GWP

It Could Be Loral All Over Again: BizzyBlog
Mayor Nagin Visits Cuba to Learn About Disaster Preparedness?: SIGIS
A double slap in the face for our naive President: PJM

Iran Double-Crosses Obama: Power Line
Iran Jerks Obama's Chain: Ace
Pressure on Honduras May Lead to Zelaya’s Return: PJM


CSI Detroit: JOM


Flowchart: Will You Get Lucky On This Date?: Holy Taco (NSFW)
Who's Dumber: Mike Tyson or Anita Dunn?: Power Line
Don't Flash and Drive: IZI (NSFW)

Well, that didn’t take long. ...I learn that the same Obama administration that took days before voicing lukewarm support for the Iranian people under the thumb of a tyrannical theocracy, took mere minutes to condemn a bombing that killed the military wing of that same dictatorship. Obama’s every impulse is hostile to liberty.

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