Friday, October 23, 2009

Larwyn's Linx: Patrick Leahy Torches the Constitution

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Obama's thug politics dirty health care endgame: Tapscott
NY23: Scozzafava: Withdraw Now: Ace
Eric Holder's Department of Disgrace: CNS

Obama delivers: Tim Blair
NY23: Palin Endorses Hoffman: Ace
Marxist Patrick Leahy Torches Constitution: Hot Air

Obama's Doubts About the Constitution: Ledeen
White House Czars versus Congress: Times
ObamaCare Taxes Proposed So Far: Surber

Big Voting Rights Drama in Small Town: Feldman
Gallup: Obama's Drop in Popularit is a Record: Surber
Hating Whitey Makes an Unexpected Comeback: AT


Why is GE exempt from government-ordered pay cuts?: JWF
Private Babysitters Fight Back Against Forced Unionization: BlogProf
Another Stimulus FAIL: thinks we have 52 states: Virtuous

Dems finally call for Countrywide mortgage probe: Hill
Murtha, Moran Steer Millions to Defense Firm: Times
Senate Scheming How To Pass Stealth Debt Ceiling Boost: Zero Hedge


Obama on Fox News: It’s more like talk radio than a news outlet: Hot Air
Strap-On slammed Bush administration for criticizing NBC: NewsBusters
Rush: If Fox Is Talk Radio, MSNBC Is Porn: THFA

A Ban Too Far: Driscoll
Dem Fundraiser Gets 24 years. Unlike Abramoff, Media Silent.: PoliGazette
Maddow/Olbermann Invited to White House Chat with Obama, But Fox Isn't a News Organization?: MediaBistro

Who Else Has Obama Endorsed?: JOM
TV boycott supported by... Tommy Smothers?: Surber
Mock as we say: Crittenden

CNN's Anderson Cooper compares Obama to Nixon, highlights ratings plunge: NewsBusters

Climate & Energy

China-India Accord to Scuttle UN Climate Treaty: AT
Save the Planet: Eat Your Pet: GWP
Americans' belief in global warming cools: WSJ


The Other Thing Obama Inherited: Crittenden
Don't know much about history (or vocabulary, apparently): Treppenwitz
Dick Cheney Goes Off on Obama's Dithering: Ace

Degrading Self-Defense: Soccer Dad
The Critical Path for an Iranian Nuke: JOM
Where are the NATO troops Mr. International promised us?: Ace And Its Soviet Similarities : Investors
Could Rush and Fox News Have Helped Save Cuba?: AT (Fontova)
When Tyranny Calls: AT


The FleXpeaker: a speaker the size of a piece of paper: PJM
Google, Verizon team up to throw support behind FCC's net neutrality push: Engadget
Apple spits at Windows 7: You can't trust Microsoft: CNet


This Is Not A Photograph: American Digest
Movie Trailer: Nigthmarish Pelosi on Elm Street: THFA

Quote of the Week ... So Far

"Once you get past the facade there's only an abyss...

People have mistakenly used the "Emperor has no clothes" analogy for [Obama]. The real point is the clothes have no Emperor." -- BrothersJudd

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