Monday, October 19, 2009

Larwyn's Linx: The CAIR Intern Who Came In From the Cold

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Is Barack Obama anti-American?: Bookworm
Bet on it: ACORN will be back: DetNews
Tea Party “Insurgency” Marches Into Key States: InstaPundit

Protesters Denounce Media Corruption: LATL
The Maoist in the White House Explains Herself: PJM
The CAIR Intern Who Came In From the Cold: TPM Muckraker

ACORN had plan to affect state races: Plain-Dealer
Good Intentions Aren't Enough with Health Care Reform: Palin
Sarah Palin must choose her battles carefully: Texas4Palin

They Don't Link, They Don't Call: LegalIns
Ruckus at Western CPAC: GWP
NY23: Beware the MSM Spin: RSM


This doesn't sound like confidence: InstaPundit
Runaway Debt?: Corporate Justice
Easy-money mortgages: still provided by the Fed: Times

Kenny and the American Way: AT (Marcus)
Teachers' Unions Uneasy with President Obama: Politico
The "Zimbabwe-isation" of the capital markets: MoneyRunner

The Economic Issues of e-Politics: Riehl
The Lucrative Business of Racism: AT


The Race Card, Football and Me: Limbaugh
Defending the Invincible: Doc Zero
Jacob Weisberg: Ravings of an Embarrassing Liberal Hack: Greenroom

Again: Axelrod, Emanuel attack Fox News on morning shows: Hot Air
Obama has finally found a war he is determined to win: Fox News: Conservative Lesbian
Confessions of Cultural Drop-Out: Hanson

State-Run Media: Confirmed: Wizbang
The Koran in the Toilet People: Fox News is Un-American: GWP
What If Ayers’ ‘Joke’ About Writing Dreams Is On the Press?: PJM

Robert Reich Responds to VS Video: Verum Serum
White House Surrenders to Fox News: Surber
LIED: Crittenden

Climate & Energy

Graph of the Day: Modern Marvels: AT
Lord Monckton:“Obama Is Poised To Cede U.S. Sovereignty”: Dollard
China and Carbon Emissions: AT

Washington Post Allows Debate on Global Warming(?): STACLU


Obama Surrenders Afghanistan: No Quarter
Khameini Watch: Faster, Please!: Ledeen
Turkey is Lost to Islamists: LegalIns

Gen. McChrystal, Community Organizer: JOM
The Drumbeat of Failure in Afghanistan: Duct Tape

Running out of time in the U.K.: Elm Tree


Shooting Stars a Slam Dunk: Coolest One
Hot Chicks + Guns = Peace: RSM
Strap-On's New Favorite Song: 3 Beers Later

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