Sunday, October 25, 2009

Latest News from Twitter

Twitter really does have the most up-to-date news stories.

@directorblue: Breaking: Citing H1N1 concerns, White House seals off access to Fox News building #tcot #thot

@directorblue: Breaking: White House announces economic rescue plan: purchases multi-billion $ life insurance policies on Beck, Hannity #tcot #thot

@directorblue: Breaking: President Obama to announce dramatic pay cuts for Fox News personalities #tcot #thot

@directorblue: Breaking: HHS head to announce health care program for media including free euthanasia services for Hannity, Beck, others #tcot #thot

@directorblue: Breaking: Pres. Obama announces availability of Little Red Book of quips, puns, life stories #tcot

@directorblue: Breaking: President Obama will deploy aircraft carrier battle group to Manhattan in response to threats, obstructionism from Fox News #tcot

@directorblue: Breaking: President Obama to announce Gitmo will stay open to house Fox News pundits Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, others. #fcc #tcot

@directorblue: Breaking: President Obama vows that "all options are on the table" regarding administration's dealings with Fox News

@directorblue: Breaking: Secretary of State Clinton reports two-party talks "without preconditions" may be possible with representatives of Fox News

@directorblue: Breaking: David Axelrod blames tropical storm Neki on Fox News

@directorblue: Breaking: President Axelrod blames Hindenburg explosion on "a conspiracy orchestrated by Fox News" #obamafail

@directorblue: Breaking: Vice President Rahm Emanuel blames Charlie Rangel's tax troubles on Fox News #obamafail

@directorblue: Breaking: White House blames economic meltdown on Fox News #obamafail

@directorblue: Breaking: ACORN registers over 300 Somali pirates as Virginia Democrats voting absentee for Creigh Deeds.

@directorblue: Breaking: ACORN accidentally registers "Barry Soetero" in Virginia

@directorblue: Breaking: President Obama to decide on Afghan troop levels "sometime after meeting with Balloon Boy" #balloonboy

@directorblue: Breaking: President Obama to award Balloon Boy Nobel Prize for Hiding #balloonboy

@directorblue: Breaking: President Obama to announce FCC-ordered shutdown of FoxNews effective noon Sat. for "seditious broadcasts on public airwaves"

@directorblue: Breaking: President Obama to speak to nation, will thank balloon boy for _not_ climbing into rogue, breakaway balloon yesterday #balloonboy

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