Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Larwyn's Linx: Does the Supreme Court Still Sit?

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Does the Supreme Court Still Sit?: AT (Cary)
NY-23: Hoffman Needs 'Boots On the Ground' vs. ACORN: Spectator
The Momentum of History: Doc Zero

Newt for 2012? No Thanks: Malkin
My interview with Wade Rathke: Provocateur
The Reform-Minded Conservative: Times

Primary the bastards: a Conservative Earthquake: PJM
Newt Gingrich… Disingenuous at best: Governeur
Something really scary for Obama's Democrats: Times

Reid: "I Have Nothing to Announce, So Pay Attention": LegalIns
NY-23: Heating Up: Patterico
P. Kennedy: Church Fanning 'Flames of Dissent, Discord': BlogProf


Medicare Fraud: $60B and Growing: AT (Hass)
California Budget Solution? Ignore It: Doctor Housing Bubble
3-BR Homes w/Granite Countertops: a Human 'Right': Wisdom

Why Health Care Reform Will Implode: Riehl
Generous pay for new Freddie Mac CFO: BizWeek
A Reminder: What Teachers' Unions Do In California: STACLU

Latest Rasmussen Data on Michigan and the Economy: STACLU
'One of the biggest bait-and-switch acts in history': Riehl


Fact-checking the New York Times on Iran and Nukes: PJM (Simon)
Rove's Secret Plan Is Working: Fox Ratings Up 10% Since Obama Declared War: Hot Air
Far Left Nutcase Krugman Calls Conservatives 'Teabaggers' In NYT: GWP

On FNC, A Sadly Mistaken Newt Doubles Down: GWP
Mission Accomplished: Patterico
Memo to Spitzer: Put a Sock in It: Examiner

Plenty of Blame To Go Around for CNN's Rating Plunge: Driscoll
Newspaper Circulation Circles the Drain: JWF
Fox News Channel's Ratings Soar After White House Attack: NewsBusters

Climate & Energy

EPA putting the brakes on coal: Hot Air
The Race Against Nothing: AT
'Save the planet, kill yourself': BlogProf


Decline is a choice. But is it America's choice?: Hammer
Why 1978 was a very bad year and 2010 could be, too: Examiner
Labour wanted mass immigration to make UK more multicultural, says former adviser: Telegraph

Russia's Strategy of Manipulation: PJM
They Love Obama, They Really Love Him!: JWF
Danon: Criminalize 'Peace Now': INN


Mobile Phone Wars!: Denninger


Damn, It Feels Good To Be a Victim: PJTV
Exciting GT2 finish at Laguna Seca: Speed

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