Friday, October 30, 2009

Larwyn's Linx: 10 Things Everyone Should Know About ObamaCare

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CBO: 18M Uninsured After Spending $1T+: LegalIns
Critical Condition: HyScience
House ObamaCare Word Cloud: CF

Health bill: 42 studies, 214 mentions of taxes: Times
Charlie Crist's Dirty Tricks Department: Red State
Governor's Race Neck-and-Neck in NJ: PJM (Wertz)

10 Facts Everyone Should Know About ObamaCare: STACLU Malkin
Reid's Bait-and-Switch Tactics: Morris

Cali Public Schools: Homecoming Gang Rape: RSM
Open Season? Two Shot in L.A. Synagogue: PJM (Chesler)
NY-23: Worry-Warts are Worried: RSM


Democrats' Healthcare Scheme Is Pure Insanity: AT (Shiver)
Book Excerpt: Fannie, Freddie's Starring Role: BigGov
Health Care Reform Endgame Emerges: PJM (Baehr)

Big Labor's Healthcare Motivation: BigGov
Death Panels in Health Care Bill!: Breitbart (AP)
Yep, gun sales have fallen off a cliff: BizInsider


Now They're Asking?: JOM
Obama Blasts AP for Reporting on Stimulus Failures: BlogProf
Democrat Journalist Defends Fox News: Surber

NY Times Leads Newspapers in Death Spiral: PJTV
Give a Speech, Get a Prize: JOM
Top 25 Newspapers’ Year-Over-Year Circ Drop Is ‘Largest in Decade’: BizzyBlog

Culture of Corruption: Obama U.S. Attorney nominee clams up: Malkin
About that DNC finalist - the 'Desecrated flag' video: HyScience

Video: Shep Smith apologizes for Fox’s lack of balance: Hot Air

Climate & Energy

The Catastrophic Impact of Cap-and-Trade: Zero Hedge
UN IPCC Scientist Prof.: U.S. Climate Bill Could Ruin Economy; Won't Save Climate Either: Depot


Congress needs to read McChrystal's Report: Examiner
Special Forces for Special Afghan Rescues: Times
Totalitarian Hell: In the U.K, parents banned from watching their children in playgrounds in case they're pedophiles: BlogProf

Guardian Moonbat Calls for 'Cull' of Western Children: STACLU
Aldar to build Ferrari-branded homes: Maktoob


Verizon Droid Targets iPhone: InfoWeek
Facebook awarded $711M in spam lawsuit: CNet


The Very Witching Time of Night: Doc Zero
Different Presidents, A Different Corps: YouTube
Mark of Stupidity: Daily Mail (UK)

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