Saturday, October 10, 2009

Louisiana doing the job Obama's Attorney General Holder won't: Subpoenas issued for financial records of 300 ACORN-affiliated groups

Attorney General Eric Holder failed to prosecute the New Black Panthers after they intimidated voters in Philadelphia. He has failed to investigate ACORN, despite ongoing indictments or inquiries in 15 states, obvious criminality related to 400,000 or more fraudulent voter registrations, and its curious consistency in helping underage prostitution rings set up shop.

Now Louisiana's attorney general is doing Holder's job, issuing subpoenas for the financial records of up to 300 ACORN-affiliated organizations. This should answer the question, once and for all, as to whether funds were illegally co-mingled between for-profit and non-profit entities. Given ACORN's fierce resistance against independent audits, it's clear that significant skulduggery has occurred.

The subpoena seeks records held by Whitney Bank and demands they be turned over by Nov. 7.

"This particular one has to do with additional financial records of ACORN, Citizens Corporation and any other umbrella agencies," said Assistant Attorney General David Caldwell. "Our goal is to get to what the course of the funds are and to track down the money."

Caldwell described the scope of the subpoena as "massive" -- conceding it could take some time for the bank to produce those records... Earlier this week, Attorney General Buddy Caldwell... claimed a former ACORN worker embezzled $5 million while working for the group. The new amount is more than a previously reported sum of $1 million... it's unclear if the money was taken from state, federal or private funds.

ACORN CEO Bertha Lewis called the new charge "completely false."

The entire ACORN organization is so crooked you can open wine bottles with them. Its decades-long history is rife with plays stolen right from the Alinsky bible. That much is evident from an examination of a rare copy of ACORN's training manual from the early seventies.

As for Holder? Not unexpectedly, he has turned out to be the most partisan Attorney General in decades.

We were promised change and that's precisely what we got.

The over-under on how long it will take for the Obama administration to find a way to punish the state of Louisiana for its pursuit of ACORN? I'm guessing 30 days.

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