Friday, October 02, 2009

Larwyn's Linx: Beyond the Near Horizon

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The 'Noble' Sacrifice of Michelle Obama: Malkin
Reagan’s Unfinished Agenda: Potent brew for Tea Parties?: NRO
The WSJ Guide to ObamaCare: WSJ

ACORN ‘Advisors’ Have Stake in its 'Success': BigGov
Beyond the Near Horizon: Doc Zero
Doctors: Damned If They Do, More Damned If They Don't: AT (Schwimmer)

The President's 'Go-to Guy': Patrick Gaspard: NewZeal
AWF: Ill. Gov. Invades Privacy of State’s Citizens: STACLU


Confirmed: Stimulus Spending Didn't Work: GWP
Senate Dems: 10% Medicaid Error Rate is Just Fine: BigGov
Obama's Deficit: The Devil Made Me Do It: AT (Hall)

Stimulus Money Killed MI Budget Reform: BlogProf
Food Fight: An Unappetizing Development: AT (Thomas)
Study: Private Ford Set To Surpass GM By 2012: BlogProf


Anne Applebaum: Telling the Whole Truth Now Would Be Too Confusing: Patterico
Beck punks O: Double Plus Undead
Roman Polanski Explains How to Pick Up 15 Year Olds: Ace

Consumer Reports' Massive Fail: LegalIns
Variety: Letterman Admits Blackmail Plot Against Him Over Sex With Staffers: Ace
How Much Moore Can We Take?: AT (Spivey)

Beck: The War Obama Will Fight: B&R
WaPo: President Wrong, ObamaCare will cut benefits for seniors: Marathon
Another Hero in Arlington: TigerHawk

Climate & Energy

The Man Who Broke the Bank: PJM
Governor of Tokyo: 2016 Olympic Games could be the last because of global warming: Fausta
Obama's Interior Department faces big decision on Alaska oil: WSJ

Gore Absolutely Loves the Green Stuff: KnoxNews
Rent-Seekers, Inc.: Climate-change legislation hurts America: WSJ


The Greatest Afghan War: Yon
Is the Obama Administration Supporting U.N. Calls to Outlaw Supposed Hate Speech?: Volokh
Afghanistan: Obama's Inaction speaks louder than words: AT (Tate)

In Every Generation: AT (Sharpe)
Kerry and Obama Block DeMint Honduras Trip: Riehl
The Administration Finds Another Dictatorship to Appease; Makes Friends with Sudan: Rubin

The Dirty Little Secret About the 'Palestinians': PJM (Dann)


Toon o' the Day: Funding NASA: Day by Day
Two Hubble Stunners!: Discover
This photo is lying to you: Outside

Czar seeks 'chilling effect' on internet: AT (Cary)


The Only Known Video of Anne Frank: Daily Mail (UK)

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