Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: Mexico's President Praises Obama's Executive Amnesty

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Mexico's President Praises Obama's Executive Amnesty: Daniel Halper
Audit: DHS Drone Program Ineffective at Border Security: WFB
Did Mario Cuomo's Death Keep Boehner in the Speaker's Office?: Ace

Mitigating the Suck: Erick Erickson
John Boehner Re-Elected House Speaker Despite Conservative Revolt: Publius
Boehner retaliates against the Right: Susan Ferrechio

Let the day begin, let the day begin, let the day…start: PW
La Cosa Boehner – Leave The Gun, Take The Kleenex: Camp o' the Saints
Weber, Backing Gohmert Over Boehner, Says ‘Retaliation’ Has Begun: Matt Fuller

Time for a 2020 Vision, Not Platitudes: Erick Erickson
Jeb Is Hillary’s Weakest Opponent: Dick Morris
"Antipolice violence" bills emphasize need for Convention of States: Quentin Kramer


Common Core Backers Try to Scare States into Keeping Fed Standards: Independent
France's mistake shows taxing wealth doesn't work: Dan Hannan
Left Wing Loons Protest The Teaching Of Economics: LoneCon

Scandal Central

The Army disciplines a chaplain for mentioning God: RWN
Hackers Took Down Conservative Website Over “BLACKS ONLY” Protest Manual: Treehouse
The Black Brunch Brats: Michelle Malkin

Climate & Energy

Mann and the Legacy of “Bogus”: Steve McIntyre
Keystone Debate to Test Waters of New Senate: Roll Call
White House threatens Keystone veto: Laura Barron-Lopez

It’s official: the Obama administration hates it when you have cheap Keystone oil.: Moe Lane
Americans say build the Keystone Pipeline: AEI
Some traders are betting on $20 oil: William Watts


'Okay Google -- What Went Wrong With Liberalism?': Christopher Chantrill
Politico: Walker Inauguration Speech Prelude to ‘All-But-Announced Candidacy for President’: Stephen Kruiser
Dershowitz presumed innocent in zero-sum defamation game: William A. Jacobson

HuffPo Nitwit Says Constitutional Argument For Gun Ownership Is Weak: DownTrend
Poll: For first time ever voters say “the government” is the biggest problem in America: Nick Sorrentino
A Taste of their Own Medicine: Springer

Al Sharpton’s Viagra Script Found in Apartment of Accused Rapist: MB
My Twitter Conversation With Cher About Republicans and Sonny Bono: Glob
Trust: John Stossel


Surprise: White House Unsure If Cuba Has Released 53 Political Prisoners as Promised: Katie Pavlich
House Republican files first plan to defund Obama immigration action: Byron York
Obama, Mexico's president discuss US shift toward Cuba: Yahoo!

NOAA Employee Charged With Computer Breach Met Senior Chinese Official in Beijing: WFB
Why Arabs Hate And Kill Palestinians: Khaled Abu Toameh
The Trouble With Andrew (2011): Edward Klein

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

FBI says search warrants not needed to use “stingrays” in public places: David Kravets
5 Non-Negotiable Requirements for a CMS in 2015: Tjeerd Brenninkmeijer
Microsoft Confirms Public Website Removal from SharePoint Online: Kurt Mackie


You can't make this stuff up: Woodsterman
Here's how to thank the Congressmen that stood on principle against Boehner: FW
Remembering How Futures Are Built: MOTUS

Image: Remembering How Futures Are Built
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QOTD: "They can't believe at that anybody would challenge Boehner.

And do you know why? Do you know why they can't believe that? Because if you read -- you don't have to go very far -- halfway into the story you find out at it is John Boehner who gets credit for all of the new House Republican seats. I kid you not. It is the most amazing thing. And these people think that they are a cut above, they're smarter than everybody else. This is their business, not ours. They know it; we don't. They're sitting in there and they're writing -- and is typical. It's not an outlier. They really think, why would these Tea Party types, why would these Republicans be upset with Boehner? Why, he just led to unprecedented victory for Republicans in the House.

They don't know that Boehner had nothing to do with it. They don't know that the Republicans didn't even mount a campaign. They don't know that it's the Tea Party that engineered this massive Republican majority in the Senate, as well as the House. They really don't know this." --Rush Limbaugh


Barry Popik said...

Mitch McConnell is working with Obama to sign secretive, unconstitutional trade deals! How could anyone still be a member of this Republican party, unless you're personally getting rich from crony capitalism?

Anonymous said...

Mitt Romney running again?
He would be an even bigger joke than Jeb Bush 2016