Tuesday, January 06, 2015

THE DIRTY HALF-DOZEN: The Six Freshmen Republicans Who Lied About Voting Against Boehner as Speaker

Courtesy of RedState, we now have a list of The Dirty Half-Dozen, the six freshmen Republicans who campaigned on explicit promises to vote against John Boehner as Speaker of the House. And then, moments after being sworn in, they promptly violated their promises and essentially spit on their constituents.

These people need to be exposed as the frauds they are. They need to go.

LIAR: Jody Hice of Georgia
Hice said he would support “new leadership, and new leadership with a backbone,” over Boehner.
LIAR: Barry Loudermilk of Georgia
“He will not support Boehner as speaker,” spokesman Dan McLagan said.
LIAR: Glenn Grothman of Wisconsin
“I would have no problem looking for an alternative to Speaker Boehner,” Grothman said...
LIAR: John Ratcliffe of Texas
‘There are other people I would support and think would be a better choice than Boehner'
LIAR: Mark Walker of North Carolina
"[Walker] said he hoped the conference would instead back Rep. Trey Gowdy for Speaker."
LIAR: Alex Mooney of West Virginia
[Mooney] signed [a] pledge promising “to vote against the current leadership...”

Baffling. Sickening. Pathetic. Cowardly. Dishonest.

If one lives in a nearby district, support a conservative primary challenger. Keep firing these bums until we find some honest patriots who do as they say. Not when it's easy, but when it's tough.


sTevo said...

This is exactly why I was not ecstatic the morning after election day.

Barry Popik said...

I'm proud to have left the Republican party. They do not represent me. Boehner gives Obama everything he wants, but gives tea party Republicans nothing. Hey Boehner, what about that big tent? Who can support a Republican party that attacks conservative Republicans?

Patriot in Texas said...

Boehner's newest bitches!

Anonymous said...

You left out Mia Love
Where is Sarah Palin whose endorsement got her in

directorblue said...

@d charles kenny -
did Mia Love campaign on ousting Boehner?

Martin said...

And Hice is a Southern Baptist pastor? Glad he's not from my district. The venerable RS is awash with mitigated pseudo-condemnation. A lie is a lie. There is however now no shame in that, on either side.

sarge said...

Laudermilk is in my district he gotten my last vote looking forward to the primary in 2016 to oust him now. We didn't need a go along speaker of the house we needed voice to fight the Obama dictatorship.

Anonymous said...

Its time for conservatives to leave the Republican Party and deny Boehner and McConnell leadership.