Saturday, August 01, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: Iran Needs to Get Nuclear Weapons So We Can See if They’ll Use Them

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Iran Needs to Get Nukes So We Can See if They’ll Use Them: Sara Noble
Obama: If Congress Blocks My Iran Deal, I’ll Ignore The Law and Do It Anyway: RWN
Clinton in Free Fall: Dick Morris

Hillary sidekick, Muslim Brotherhood-tied Huma Abedin investigated for fraud: Shoebat
Planned Parenthood Got Millions After Lobbying Hillary State Dept.: Bill McMorris
StemExpress Trying To Block Knowledge They Get ‘Fully Intact Fetuses’: Russ Hepler

Thank God Mr. Ted Cruz is in Washington.: Thy Black Man
Ted Cruz super PACs rake in $38 million: Katie Gueck
Rand Paul: Those Who Support Trump Are Insane: Matt Wilstein

The Donald's Madhouse Candidacy Will Implode, Right?: Mike Littwin
Cruz Replies to Romney: There’s a Reason He Got ‘Clobbered’ in '12: Josh Feldman
President Huckabee might deploy troops, FBI to stop abortions: Leada Gore


Obama's Economic, Jobs, Deficit Performance Is Worst On Record: Timothy H. Lee
The Interest Rate Trap: The Z Man
No Congressional GOP Leaders Will Support Reducing Immigration: Julia Hahn

Scandal Central

Federal Judge Orders State Dept. to Turn Over All Hillary Records: JW
Obama heavily redacts latest batch of Hillary Clinton’s emails: Times
Trump attacks Hillary Clinton’s Muslim Brotherhood-linked right-hand woman, Huma Abedin: BNI

Hillary Clinton’s Emails, Round Three — Live Dive: WSJ
Email Release PROVES Questions Were LEAKED to Hillary Before ‘Meet The Press’ Interview!: Sooper
Judge, former Obama bundler and ‘huge Democrat donor,’ blocks Planned Parenthood videos: Twitchy


Clearly, the Donald Works for Hillary: Joe Queenan
Now it's Edward Snowden the comic book: Daily Mail
Hillary Clinton’s doctor wrote her a note saying she can be president: Twitchy

Rise up and awaken the sleeping generation: David Bossie
In Honor of His 103rd Birthday, Here Are The 20 Best Quotes From The Late, Great Milton Friedman: John Hawkins
Black Woman Saved by Florida's Stand Your Ground Law: David Ovalle

Academic: Constitution Is ‘Confederate Symbol,’ Censor It: Blake Neff
Huckabee’s ‘oven’ remark taken out of context: Jonah Goldberg
Text reveals Subway’s Jared paid 16-year-old for sex: report: Post


French Official Reportedly Stated That Killing Iran Deal Would Lead To Better Deal: RWN
FRANCE: Calais up in flames as illegal alien Muslim invaders fight to get to UK: BNI
UK: Muslims threaten to slaughter soldiers’ wives and families: Robert Spencer

Pensions and Medicare after an Economic Collapse: Ferfal
Venezuela Supermarket Looting Leaves One Dead, Dozens Detained: IBTimes
Venezuela's hospitals on life support: Channel 4

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Top Ten Most Evil Dictators of All Time (in order of kill count): Juan Carlos Pineiro Escoriaza (2010)
Since when did the Islamic State (ISIS) seize control of Facebook?: BNI
Mt. Gox head arrested over loss of 650,000 bitcoins: Jon Brodkin


Get your Hillary lawn signs for 2016!: iOTWreport
The Dog Days of August Are Upon Us: MOTUS
Dr. Distracto: Springer's Blog

Image: FRANCE: Calais up in flames as illegal alien Muslim invaders fight to get to UK
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: TIME TO LOWER THE BOOM: TED CRUZ FOR PRESIDENT

QOTD: "We are going on seven years since the Fed lowered rates to what people thought was the floor of the possible...

...That’s not the half of it. Corporate and sovereign debt is now fully structured around near zero rates. Most of this debt is rolled over when it matures so a rising interest rate environment means suddenly rising interest payments. That’s what happened to Greece. Rates jumped and the operating deficit increased. That was met with more borrowing, which drove rates higher. Eventually, they could no longer borrow at rates they could pay...

...Rates will return to their natural level eventually. The question is whether it will be an orderly recession that comes with raising rates or whether it will be a chaotic depression as central banks lose control of monetary policy. Those are not great choices and they are political choices. The Fed is a political institution, which is why they keep delaying the pain. In politics, tomorrow is the best time to take the pain and tomorrow never comes...

...The Romans never figured out how to make an orderly retreat from empire. They exhausted themselves financially and culturally trying to keep the empire together, eventually leading to collapse. America is not about to be invaded by Visigoths. Collapse is unlikely, but a very painful and disruptive reordering is on the horizon. The question is how painful and orderly." --The Z Man

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