Monday, August 24, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: Buzzards Circling Over Hillary Clinton

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Buzzards Circling Over Hillary Clinton: Wesley Pruden
Former AG Mukasey: 'Inconceivable' that most of Clinton emails not classified: Sarah Westwood
Hillary’s email caper: She had inside help: Flopping Aces

The Specter of Immigration: The Z-Man
Americans Have Opposed Birthright Citizenship For Anchor Babies Since At Least 2006: Lid
Politi-speak: Who Needs Clarity?: Debra Saunders

Evidence Now Exists To Show Benefit Of GOPe 'Splitter Strategy': Treehouse
Ted Cruz remains a force in crowded GOP field: Rick Jervis, USA Today
Walker flip-flops on birthright citizenship: Curt Mills

Don't Underestimate Biden: Daniel Greenfield
With deafening cheers, Ted Cruz favorite at Americans for Prosperity summit: Fox News Latino
Here's why Donald Trump won't win the Republican presidential nomination: Tom McCarthy


The beam in CalPERS's eye: Professor Bainbridge
Democrat Utopia Is Coming to a City Near You: Sara Noble
NLRB case asks who's really the boss of subcontractors' workers: Suffield Times

Scandal Central

15 unsolicited observations about Hillary Clinton’s email: Sharyl Attkisson
VA Ruled Responsible For Marine’s Death; Shown As Largest Govt User Of Ashley Madison: Inquisitr
Ellen Tauscher meltdown – Hillary Clinton hack Fox News Sunday Video: FAM

Climate & Energy

UNREAL: Mine owner said he tried to stop EPA but was threatened with massive fines: Poor Richard
EPA: Energy Will Be ‘Reliable and Affordable’ Under Obama Clean Power Plan: Nicholas Ballasy
Attack on natural gas: EPA takes aim at another fossil fuel: Bluefield Daily Telegraph


Trump Sparks War Within Conservatism: Rush Limbaugh
Fiorina Schools Smug Chuck Todd on ‘Climate Change’: Tammy Bruce
ICYMI: Sarah Palin CRUSHES Hillary with brutal Facebook post: Michele Hickford

St. Jude doctor deletes Twitter account after wishing death on conservatives: WZ
Crowd sings “How Great Thou Art” after high school band banned: LI
Found It! Here’s The Caroline Kennedy Interview That Trump Loves to Mock At Speeches!: Sooper


French President Hails 3 Americans As 'An Example for All, and a Source of Inspiration': CNS
France Train Jihadi ‘Dumbfounded’ to Be Accused of Terrorism: Robert Spencer
Faced With Sea of Palestinian Flags at Spanish Reggae Festival, Matisyahu Belts Out ‘Jerusalem’: David Efune

China stocks suffer biggest one-day fall since global financial crisis: Reuters
Carnage Continues Across European Stocks; WTI Crude Tumbles To $38 Handle: ZH
Reports from Cuba: Food shortages are getting much worse: Alberto de la Cruz

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Hackers and Assassins: Michael Ledeen
Facebook CEO Zuckerberg Fires Back At Trump’s Proposed Immigration Plan: CBS SF Bay Area
7 Amazing Images Of The Future, From 1947: Rose Pastore


Astaire Way To Heaven: Don Surber
Obama Encounters The Ghost Of Neville Chamberlain: Springer's Blog
The Evolution of the Batmobile: Rob Edwards, TechRadar

Image: Ellen Tauscher meltdown – Hillary Clinton hack Fox News Sunday Video
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Reignite America: TED CRUZ FOR PRESIDENT

QOTD: "We’re hearing the first hints, some of them not so subtle, that the FBI is investigating more than a security situation, defined as a simple matter of learning whether classified information leaked from the State Department when she was the secretary of State, and if so, who it was leaked to. National Public Radio, which usually feeds only the bluebirds of Democratic happiness, reports that it learned from “two lawyers familiar with the inquiry” that a formal criminal investigation is under consideration, presumably at the Justice Department, and it could happen “soon.”

Hillary might not be the first target. She can always find somebody else to throw under the bus or feed to the alligators.

The lady has been saying for weeks that nothing on her email server was classified, and recently she revised and extended that to “nothing was classified at the time it was put it on the server.” Now she revises and extends still further, arguing that the security classifications are confusing and subject to interpretation. “She was at worst a passive recipient of unwitting information that subsequently became classified,” a spokesman “splains.” This may be the first time in her life that Hillary, who has been called many things, has been called “passive.”" --Wesley Pruden


Barry Popik said...


Jon Stewart has retired. Why is John Oliver getting a free pass? Have you seen his last few programs?

Two weeks ago, John Oliver took on Televangelism. No, it's not 1988, It's 2015. Televangelism! Not the Federal Reserve, now that the stock market is crumbling. Not the Trans-Pacific Parnership, now being negotiated. Not the forced vaccination laws of California and Rhode Island,and not the holistic doctors that are being murdered, possibly by Big Pharma. Not immigration and anchor babies, as Donald Trump and Mark Levin have taken on the MSM. Not Windows 10, where you have to sign a release that allows you to be spied on. Not Planned Parenthood, with the horrifying videos that the entire public (not just a handful of us) needs to see.

John Oliver's burning issue was televangelism.

This week, it's LBGT rights. Oliver already discussed gay marriage recently, and Oliver also discussed sex education this month. (He wants standardized government sex education.)

Oliver joked that the Christian baker from Colorado puts sperm in his wedding cakes. Oliver said that he wrote to the Republican presidential candidates on Thursday and only one replied for his Sunday show. (I've written to politicians and government agencies and have waited 25 years for replies.) Oliver says that we need a sweeping Big Government law to protect us once again; state laws aren't good enough.

John Oliver has done a lot of outstanding work on many issues--civil forfeiture, for example. However, it's clear that his show has an agenda. The disgusting "jokes" in the last video need to responded to. Take a look for yourself.

If someone would handle the technical aspects, I'd do the "Last Week Tonight-Counterpoint" videos myself.

Barry Popik said...

"LGBT"-- sorry for the typo. See this, from Twitter:

Thomwade ‏@Thomwade 2h2 hours ago
Generally, I find John Oliver's humor ranging from enjoyable and pointed to "meh". His "masturbating baker" joke actually annoyed me.