Monday, August 31, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: The "Iran deal makes war more, not less likely"

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Cheney: “Iran deal makes war more, not less likely.”: LI
How Illegal Immigration Finally Turned Off the Public: Victor Davis Hanson
The Clintons Continue to Clinton: Derek Hunter

A Ruling Class Hissy Fit: Dan Phillips
Fisking George Will: iOTWreport
The End is Nigh: Erick Erickson

Police identify suspect in murder of Texas cop, BLM reacts: Howard Portnoy
Black Activists Call for Lynching of White People and Cops: Lana Shadwick
Study Learns Chicago Criminals DON'T Buy Their Guns Legally: Eric Reed

Obama Achieves Two Milestones: 250 Rounds Of Golf And 443 Fundraisers: WZ
Hillary’s New Campaign Strategy: Trolling: Leon H. Wolf
More lies: Clinton campaign denies ‘boxcar’ slam on GOP was Nazi comparison: Twitchy


The Union That Rules New York: Daniel DiSalvo
America is Getting Socialized Bit by Bit: Jeff Carter
IRS drops an Obamacare bomb on small employers: IHTM

Scandal Central

Obama’s Stonewall Tactics: A Case Study: John Hinderaker
The Data Destroyers: Kevin D. Williamson
UN Gun Control Body Supported By Obama Sets Up Veto-Proof Framework: AWR Hawkins

Climate & Energy

Rain on EPA's Parade: Andrew M. Grossman
Our View: New EPA water rule 'devoid' of reason: The Republic
Federal judge orders former EPA scientist to testify in Pebble mine case: Lisa Demer, ADN


Attn Jorge Ramos: “Cuban migrants to Mexico arrested, beaten, extorted, deported by Mexico": Humberto Fontova
Doug Schoen’s off-tune whistling through the graveyard of Hillary Clinton’s electoral hopes.: Moe Lane
Larry Kudlow Says He Would Challenge Blumenthal Over Iran Deal: Niels Lesniewski

Enough With the Roanoke Shooting Coverage, Already: Leon H. Wolf
Trump Says: Outlaw Teleprompters When Running For President: Wayne Dupree
Billionaire who sold Minecraft to Microsoft is sad and lonely: Chris Matyszczyk

John Boehner Endorses Ted Cruz For President: Erick Erickson
War Room Surprises at the Box Office: Estimated Weekend Take: $11,000,000!: VAright
‘Stump for Trump’ Girls: Trump's 'Immigration Proposal Is Phenomenal': Jerome Hudson


So how’s Obama’s plan to bring ISIS to its knees going?: Doug Powers
New Islamic State coins commemorate eventual conquest of “Rome and America”: Robert Spencer
Obama’s Focus in Oil-Rich Alaska Is Climate Change--As Putin Deploys Warships: Patrick Goodenough

Vital Points on the Iran Deal: Major Flaws and Positive Elements: JCPA
Iran-funded Hizballah recruiting Muslims in Judea for jihad attacks against Israel: Robert Spencer
Report: Gazans Fleeing to Israel, Risking Death to Escape Hamas Oppression: David Daoud

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

“Why are the numbers on a telephone keypad arranged the way they are?”: DataGenetics
The Race To Prove 'Spooky' Quantum Connection May Have a Winner: Kevin Dooley
Cable Subscriptions Plummet: Is This Cord-Cutting Critical Mass?: Tyler Wells Lynch


Tweet of the Day: Hillary campaign souvenir called ‘creepy,’ ‘scary as hell’: Howard Portnoy
Nazi gold train could contain lost Amber Room of Charlottenburg Palace: April Holloway
RIP Wrangler Jane: A View from the Beach

Record-breaking three Category 4 hurricanes in Pacific!: EarthSky
The Ignorance of Miama Sportswriter Greg Cote: Tom Blumer
Spy found dead 'had infuriated his MI6 bosses by hacking into secret US data on Bill Clinton' : Daily Mail

Image: Obama strips name of another president from mountain in Alaska
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: #ReadyForLiberty: TED CRUZ FOR PRESIDENT

QOTD: "The [EPA] recently concluded its authority to regulate “navigable” waters extended to any water source within 4,000 feet of genuinely navigable waters, which meant countless land uses from farming to mining to gas and oil extraction now would require a whole new set of federal permitting.

A federal judge, however, has stepped emphatically in the EPA’s path, declaring its plan to regulate ditches, streams, ponds and other “navigable” waters to be overbroad and an end-run around Congress.

The EPA’s water rule, said Judge Ralph R. Erickson, is “inexplicable, arbitrary and devoid of a reasoned process.”

In a remarkable display of bureaucratic cheek, however, the EPA has responded that it will abide by Judge Erickson’s restraining order only in the 13 states that were named in the lawsuit.

A guiding principle of federal law is that it is meant to cover all Americans, and each of the 50 states, equally. The agency’s decision to go forward with its rule in the balance of the states mocks that principle." --The Republic

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