Saturday, August 29, 2015

Dear @PaneraBread: I want a refund. Love, Doug. P.S., I really, really hate @Keurig machines.

You know, I've come to hate these Keurig machines.

No idea whether it works or not, but someone claims you can hack a Keurig with a piece of tape.


Andrew_M_Garland said...

How to tape a ring from one real new Keurig cup into your 2.0 coffeemaker, to allow using unofficial cups.

Anonymous said...

Don't use the plastic cover anymore, just simply nuke it for a shorter amount of time. Easy peasy.

Matthew W said...

Doug, why do you bother to make less than a pot of coffee at a time?
Go big or go home !!!

Anonymous said...

Now that's a bum steer there ... yeppers (terminal brain fade).
Was observing myself, making my second cuppa joe, but a few minutes ago.
I still use a plastic cover, on the cup of water/coffee, in the microwave.
Just not, plastic film, with rubber band, and a punched hole.
A loose fitting, plastic sandwich bag. Allows venting,and prevents splatter.
If you cook too long, then yes, the coffee will rise/overflow.
Ten years ... same way.


Anonymous said...

Doug, you're the last person I ever thought would buy anything from the gun
free zone morons at Panera Bread. LMAO.