Sunday, August 16, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: Understanding just how serious Hillary’s email server problem really is

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Understanding just how serious Hillary’s server problem really is: Bookworm
Contra Media Spin, It’s Hillary Under Investigation, Not a Server: Jonah Goldberg
Hillary's Emails Were Backed Up On Another Server: David Martosko

Colorado court outlaws religious freedom: RS
Illegal Alien Deported 14 Times Arrested For Transporting Meth In Billings, MT: WZ
Backers fear Clinton hurt by old weaknesses: WaPo

"Immigrant": The New N-Word: Ann Coulter
In the Wake of Proposition 47, California Sees a Crime Wave: Debra Saunders
Obama Illegal Kills Three in Florida: FAM

Congress Can Rewrite the Iran Deal: Orde Kittrie
Progressives Push for New “Right”: The Right Not to Bear Arms: LI
The Brilliantly Run Campaign of Senator Ted Cruz: VA Right


Did Mass Incarceration Destroy the Black Family?: Kay S. Hymowitz
Greece’s painful and irresponsible bail out: John Redwood
Hard Times Goin’ ’Round: Daily Pundit

Scandal Central

Prosecutor Who Took Down Petraeus Now Looking Into Clinton Server: Katie Pavlich
Senior Clinton Adviser Huma Abedin Facing Investigation for Her Role in Hillary’s Email Scandal: Chris Enloe
State Dept. confirms Clinton aides had other unreported email accounts: Stephen Dinan

Hillary Clinton’s five email lies: Post
Obama's Betrayals: The President's Secret Offer to Iran Before Negotiations: Ari Lieberman
Obama, Koch Bros Team Up to Help Oppressed Drug Dealer: Daniel Greenfield

Climate & Energy

The anti-human Green movement: “The mission, once noble, had become corrupted.”: ProWis


Sarah Palin bashes Erick Erickson for mocking her family: FAM
MSNBC Targets “Stump for Trump” Girls, Wants Childrens’ Names and Name of Employers: GWP
Why Yes, I am Insta-Posting These Days: Ed Driscoll

The Conservative Heart – A Book Review: NoisyRm
Obama Ignores V-J Day Remembrance: Kim Quade
How Hillary will probably shrug off the email server story: Jazz Shaw

NYT’s Castrated House Conservative Reveals How Low His Information Really Is: Daily Pundit
This Commercial For Raisin Bran Makes Me Want to Break Things: Glob
Obamacare Could be Heading to the Supreme Court (Again): Andrew Kloster


All the President's Lies: Annika Hernroth-Rothstein
Obama’s Iran deal: A fight to a very bitter end: David Horovitz
‘Schindler’s List’ producer slams Hollywood Jews’ support for nuke deal: Times of Israel

'ISIS Head Repeatedly Raped US Aid Worker Kayla Mueller': Clarion
“France is no Longer for the French”: Baron Bodissey
Modern Day Slavery in Vietnam and Malaysia: Michael Benge

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Kaspersky faked malware to harm rivals: Ex-employees: itnews
Police radios will be KILLED soon – yet no one dares say 'Huawei': Simon Rockman and Kat Hall
Scientists Discover Marijuana Actually Helps Heal Broken Bones: Saso Denkovik


White House vs. Big House: Springer
National Airborne Day 2015: BlackFive
Reaganite's Sunday Funnies: RRR

Image: Backers fear Clinton hurt by old weaknesses
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: A Constitutional Conservative: TED CRUZ FOR PRESIDENT

QOTD: "Tens of thousands of emails once housed on former secretary of state Hillary Clinton's private computer server were moved to another device after a Colorado company took possession of the device in 2013, leaving open the possibility that copies of messages Clinton later chose to delete might still exist.

The FBI seized the server this week in a stunning move, signaling a new intensity in the investigation into whether Clinton knowingly send or received top-secret classified information through her private address while she was America's top diplomat.

Bloomberg reported Thursday night that Barbara Wells, an attorney for Platte River Networks, Inc., confirmed that while the server hardware now controlled by the FBI 'is blank and does not contain any useful data,' its contents could still be safe and sound elsewhere.

That's because the server's messages were 'migrated' to another server that still exists, she said, before ending the Bloomberg interview without specifying where that device is located and who owns it – only that her company no longer has it." --David Martosko

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