Wednesday, August 12, 2015

ALINSKY TACTIC #5,034: Hillary Blames the Clinton Global Graft Initiative and Email Scandal on... Judicial Watch

No, really, she did.

In an interview with the Mexican government's official broadcasting system, which is aligned with the Beltway One-Percenters' policies of open borders and the breakdown of the civil society, Hillary asserted that she has done absolutely nothing wrong.

Conducting official government business on a private email server, transferring classified files over insecure networks, violating the National Records Act, allowing sensitive White House communications to be compromised by foreign entities, running the Clinton Global Graft Initiative to generate nine figures in income during her term as secretary of state, and then deleting the evidence... well, it's the fault of the Vast Rightwing Conspiracy a small group of investigative journalists, you see:

MES: Let’s talk about a subject that seems that it’s very difficult to go away. And that’s the e-mail scandal. Even though you swore under penalty of perjury that you have turned over all e-mails that are related to any kind of, you know, federal record. Judicial Watch is still claiming that it’s not enough. Do you think that at the least that this has created the perception that you’re hiding something?

HRC: No, because you have to remember Judicial Watch is a partisan group that has been suing Democrats, me in particular, for twenty years. Anything that they can sue over to create partisan advantage, they do. The facts are very clear here. I did turn over all work-related e-mails in an effort to help the State Department make sure that their records were complete. And those are the facts. Now that doesn’t mean I will ever convince these partisans who are, you know, trying to make all sorts of allegations. But I think the American people understand that.

Tonight the president of JW, Tom Fitton responded with his own statement.

Hillary Clinton’s attacks on Judicial Watch for its success in suing for her State Department records under the Freedom of Information Act will not deter us from our nonpartisan work. Hillary Clinton has a nasty record of attacking and threatening those who try to hold her accountable to the law.

It was Hillary Clinton who chose to conduct official government business on a separate email system. It was this decision by Hillary Clinton that placed classified information and the nation’s security at risk. In addition, it prevented government records from being properly searched as required by law in response to Judicial Watch’s Freedom of Information Act requests and lawsuits.

A federal judge has led the way in requesting answers from her under penalty of perjury.

Mrs. Clinton has a problem with the truth and obeying the law – and that is why a federal judge has requested information from Mrs. Clinton, the State Department, and her closest advisors.

Blaming Judicial Watch for the email mess she made is pathetic.

Perhaps Hillary should put some ice on that bruise. Or is even a rhetorical slapdown sexist now?

Hat tip: BadBlue News.

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