Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: EmailGate Gets Worse for Hillary Clinton

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EmailGate Gets Worse for Hillary Clinton: The XX Committee
Another Lie: State Dept. Never Told DHS About Hillary's Server Despite The Rules: Ace
Obama May be Mulling Biden Endorsement: Keith Koffler

Obama’s Transformation Of America: Not The Change We Need: Nina Bookout
A Biden-Warren Ticket?: Paul Mirengoff
Why Jeb’s Not Catching Fire — And Probably Never Will: Troy Senik

GOP Should Worry Less About Trump and More About Itself: David Limbaugh
Ted Cruz: Rise Of The Evangelical & Constitutional Warrior: NoisyRm
Former 2014 GOP Senate Primary Challengers Rally to Ted Cruz: Adam Wollner

Jeb Bush: DREAMers deserve a path to citizenship: Ildefonso Ortiz
Um, it is not Trump who is alienating people: Don Surber
Boom: Trump Hits Bush Deep Inside The Wall Street Fortress: Treehouse


Global Markets to Fed: No Rate Hike, the Strong Dollar Is Killing Us: Charles Hugh Smith
The Way We Live Now: Irwin M. Stelzer
The Stunning Comparisons Between The "Flash Crash" Of 8/24/15 And 5/6/10: ZH

Scandal Central

Traitor Senators Took Money from Iran Lobby, Back Iran Nukes: Daniel Greenfield
NASA Employees Caught With Child Porn Escaped Prosecution, Now Have Names Hidden: WZ
Generations of Stolen Black Dreams: Lloyd Marcus


Anti-Gun Left Gets Butthurt At Reminder of NRA’s Original Mission: Bob Owens
Catholic Bishop: Ask God to Forgive Us for Giving Half a Billion in Tax Money to Planned Parenthood: CNS
GOP Establishment Plotting Against Donald Trump, Working to Force Him Off Primary Ballots: AmPower

The New Party Line: Hillary As Victim?: Camp o' the Saints
Hillary’s Latest Defense: I Broke The Rules Because They’re “Ridiculous”: DownTrend
Giuliani on Hillary Clinton: 'This Woman Needs a Criminal Lawyer': Reaganite

YUGE Numbers For Trump Among Hispanics in NEW POLL!: Sooper
10 Tips To Help Hillary Survive Prison, If It Comes To That: Kaitlan Collins
White Manager Fired After Black Employees Refuse to Work for a White Person: Buzzpo


American Heroes Awarded Legion of Honor: Ace
Jimmy Carter's Peace: Cal Thomas
Mass Immigration and the Undoing of Europe: Vijeta Uniyal

NYT: White House regrets promising “anytime, anywhere” Iran inspections: Ed Morrissey
Iran Deal Surprise: Clause Negates Snapback Sanctions: Meira Svirsky
791 American Rabbis sign petition against sellout to nuclear-armed Iran: Matzav

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

The Sound Of Settled Science: SDA
Facebook Says It Didn't Censor Content Undermining Zuckerberg's Immigration Agenda, Was 'Error': Julia Hahn
Did Jesus Have a Wife? New Tests on Ancient Coptic Papyrus May Give Answers: Ancient Origins


How All The Candidates Fit In The Overall GOPe Road Map – “The Big Picture”: Treehouse
Poop on everyone as a beautiful seagull: Laura Hudson
Obama has played more than 1,100 hours of golf as president — here's what that looks like: Insider

Image: Obama has played more than 1,100 hours of golf as president — here's what that looks like
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Protect the Constitution: TED CRUZ FOR PRESIDENT

QOTD: "I think birthright citizenship as a policy matter doesn't make sense.

We have right now upwards of 12 million people living here illegally. It doesn't make any sense that our law automatically grants citizenship to their children because what it does is it incentivizes additional illegal immigration.

My view, there's a good faith argument on both sides. We should pursue whichever one is effective but as a policy matter, we should change the law." --Sen. Ted Cruz

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