Saturday, August 22, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: Hillary’s Air Gap Problem

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Hillary’s Air Gap Problem: Charlie Martin
Great news: Hillary planning to “educate the public” on how data is classifiied: Hot Air
Why is Trump holding a mega-rally in Alabama tonight?: Hot Air

With unfrozen assets, Iran could increase funding to terror groups by 50%: Matt Vespa
Iranian Official: We “Reject the Existence of Any Israeli on This Earth”: Tower
Congressional Democrats Targeting Group Behind Planned Parenthood Videos: WZ

Illegal Immigration is the Disease and Trump’s Plan is the Cure: John Hawkins
Obama will leave his party in its worst shape since the Great Depression: Jeff Greenfield
China Tests Most Dangerous Nuclear Weapon of All Time: Zachery Zeck

Why Jeb’s Not Catching Fire — And Probably Never Will: Troy Senik
Bobby Jindal Just Hit A Home Run At The Defending The Dream Summit: Kevin Boyd
Detroit: With police chief's blessing more residents carry guns: Marathon


Truly, a case of the Federal Government not working: GraniteGrok
The jobs Americans won't do: illegals kidnapped, tortured other illegals in U.S.: Breitbart
Carnage: Worst Week For Stocks In 4 Years, VIX Soars Most Ever: ZH

Scandal Central

StemExpress CEO admits Planned Parenthood sells fully intact aborted babies: FAM
Hillary Clinton’s Email: the Definitive Timeline: Sharyl Attkisson
‘The FBI asked’: John Sexton spots discrepancy in Hillary’s server story (another lie?): Twitchy

Climate & Energy

Europe hit by one of the worst droughts since 2003: WUWT


Ted Cruz Schools Ellen Page on Gay Rights: Variety
Good news…noboby sees the evil…: American Irony
The pantsuit of shamelessness: Hillary now blaming State Dept’s ‘ridiculous classification rules’: Doug Powers

Fox News anchored in stupidity on the 14th Amendment: Ann Coulter
What Kind of Liberalism Won the Culture Wars?: AmInt
Judge Says She’ll Let Anti-Abortion Group Release Videos: WZ


U.S. Marines HEAR Terrorist Muslim Loading Up Kalashnikov, Prevent MASSACRE On French Train: Sooper
Unarmed US Marines "saved hundreds" from Islamonazi Terrorists: Daily Mail
French official: 2 Americans subdued train gunman: Greg Keller

Pushback Against Iran Deal Is Warranted: CSP
Obama and Cuba: ‘Am I on the ball or what, Camilo?’: Babalú
Not ONE European Country Gives Automatic Birthright Citizenship to Children Born There Illegally: EIB

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Exclusive: The OPM breach details you haven't seen: Sean Lyngaas
Aztec Skull Rack Unearthed in Mexico: Archaeology
The Mysterious Marree Man of Outback Australia: Largest Geoglyph in the World: April Holloway


Peter Schramm: ‘You Americans invented freedom': Jonah Goldberg
Hands Up! Or I’ll Shoot!: MOTUS
STOUGH and more STUFF: Woodsterman

Image: PHOTOS of HEROIC U.S. Marines That Thwarted Terrorist Attack in France
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Time for a Constitutional Conservative: TED CRUZ FOR PRESIDENT

QOTD: "As historians begin to assess Barack Obama’s record as president, there’s at least one legacy he’ll leave that will indeed be historic—but not in the way he would have hoped. Even as Democrats look favorably ahead to the presidential landscape of 2016, the strength in the Electoral College belies huge losses across much of the country. In fact, no president in modern times has presided over so disastrous a stretch for his party, at almost every level of politics...

...The party’s record over the past six years has made clear that when Barack Obama leaves office in January 2017 the Democratic Party will have ceded vast sections of the country to Republicans, and will be left with a weak bench of high-level elected officials. It is, in fact, so bleak a record that even if the Democrats hold the White House and retake the Senate in 2016, the party’s wounds will remain deep and enduring, threatening the enactment of anything like a “progressive” agenda across much of the nation and eliminating nearly a decade’s worth of rising stars who might help strengthen the party in elections ahead." --Jeff Greenfield

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Anyone looking back on the disastrous, disruptive, destructive, disgusting, lawless "Obama years" and thinks he did anything beneficial for our country . . . are delusional and have not been paying attention, or probably not even interested in paying attention. Obama and his administration and Valerie Jarrett, along with the stupidity and malfeasance of the Supreme Court, the blatant coverups and non-reporting of crucial lawless activities by Obama and politicians by the so-called media news scam/con artists, has been a virtual nightmare for this country and the world. The democrat party are now nothing but communists and the republican leadership are nothing but spineless, feckless, arrogant co-conspirators in the destruction. We The People have been without representation and have been living under an oppressive tyranny and dictatorship financed by the US Chamber of Commerce, the New World Order globalist supporters, the Bilderberg Group and George Soros, who is an opportunistic chaos/trouble maker fostering disruption and chaos on whatever he touches and finances. I blame the lying media most of all. Their propaganda-style "reporting" is nothing short of criminal - and they do it under the watchful eye and guidance of the biggest liars and criminals of all, Barack Obama and Valerie Jarrett.

Is it too much to ask that the electorate bring sanity back to America? These last 6+ years have been like watching a movie where the mobsters and criminals never get caught or punished - they just keep on terrorizing, breaking the law and nothing is done about it. Hillary Clinton should be in jail, but is she? NO. What is wrong with this picture? Barack Obama should have been impeached long, long ago and should be in jail also. Is he? NO. What is WRONG with this picture? Because, make no mistake, what has happened and IS happening to America IS WRONG.