Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: FBI Gets Thumb Drives of Hillary Emails, Including “Top Secret” Ones

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FBI Gets Thumb Drives of Hillary Emails, Including “Top Secret” Ones: Deanna Fisher
Why Did Taxpayers Foot The Bill For Maintaining Hillary’s Private Server?: THD
FBI Seizes Hillary Emails; Revelations of TOP SECRET emails: Treehouse

Traitor-In-Chief: Sara Noble
Trump? Hillary Ignored for Saying All Cops, Judges are Racists: Publius
Breaking: Bernie Pulls Ahead of Hillary in NH Poll: Steven Hayward

Academic Fascism: Walter Williams
The Smart Way To Deal With The Trump Phenomenon: Camp o' the Saints
The Nihilistic Populism of Donald Trump: Walter Russell Mead

The Three Republican Members of the Fighting Caucus: Leon H. Wolf
Cruz may be angling to snatch up Rand Paul’s supporters: Jazz Shaw
Ted Cruz energizes conservative base in Tenn.: Jill Cowan


Illegal Alien Family Detainees Sue US For Untold Millions: S&L
Valerie Jarrett Made $200K On Land Deal Via Tax Break She Opposes: WFB
My, How You've Grown: iOTWreport

Scandal Central

Colorado Company Visited as Part of FBI Investigation into Hillary Clinton emails: LI
Hillary, Huma and Cheryl Mills Blow Off Court-Appointed Deadline: Ann-Marie Murrell
FBI SEIZES Hillary Thumbdrive, Emails; Private Server Will Be Surrendered To DOJ: Sooper

UW Experiments Involved Fetal Tissue from Supplier Tied to Planned Parenthood: Brian Sikma
The Cheating Goes On: Sol Stern
Ohio Judges Can't Choose Not to Marry Couples: Mark Hemingway

Climate & Energy

REVIEW: Steyn’s scathing new book about Michael Mann: “A Disgrace To The Profession”: WUWT
What a Piece of Work on Mann!: Mark Steyn
Echo chamber of outrage: Ars attends a climate skeptics’ summit: Scott K. Johnson


The Extreme Party: Ben Shapiro
Laura Ingraham Gets Punked By Donald Trump: Dan McLaughlin
Why Is Trump Following A Nazi Twitter Account?: Mike Peters

ATF Denies Being an ‘Agency’ to Avoid FOIA Compliance Requirements: David Codrea
In GOP field, Ted Cruz stands alone by refusing to bash Donald Trump: Ben Bullard
Media fact-checking Ted Cruz's father now: T. Becket Adams


No Means No: Keep Gitmo Jihadists Out of U.S.A.: Michelle Malkin
Gowdy: Clinton email bombshell a 'serious national security issue': Pete Kasperowicz
Taliban condemns execution of tribal elders by ISIS: News24

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

CDC Stumbles As Legionnaires’ Deaths Climb: Betsy McCaughey
EPA won’t face fines for polluting rivers with orange muck: Valerie Richardson
New Kingdom Mummies Re-Examined: Archaeology


Clinton-appointed judge dismisses RICO case against Clintons: FreedomWatch
What Gift Do You Buy for Newlyweds Who Are Planning to Join ISIS?: Glob
The Coddling of the American Mind: MagFarm

Image: NatGeo Traveler's Photo Contest 2015
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QOTD: "Hillary Clinton has directed her aides to hand over to the Justice Department a private e-mail server that she used during her tenure as secretary of state, her presidential campaign said Tuesday... [she] has also asked that the department be given a thumb drive that contains copies of her e-mails...

...Clinton's promise to to hand over the server and thumb drive came after the Intelligence Community Inspector General [said they] had identified materials in two out of four suspect e-mails that had gone through her private server that "include information classified up to ‘TOP SECRET//SI/TK//NOFORN.'"--Jennifer Epstein

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