Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: Transparently Predictable Political “Tripwires”

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Transparently Predictable Political “Tripwires”: Treehouse
The Candidates on the Issues, Compared: Conservative Review
Schumer: Iran Inspections Regime Has “Lots Of Holes In It”: LI

Obama vs. the Jews: Daniel Greenfield
Obama Admits He’s Been Lying About Deal Blocking Iran’s Nuke Aspirations: RWN
Responses to the President’s Arguments for the Nuclear Deal: Dennis Prager

The Disgusting Big Lie About Donald Trump: Jeffrey Lord
Trump is No Friend of Free Market Health Care: David Catron
Donald Trump is just like President Obama where it counts: Exam

Ted Cruz Lists Five Things He’ll Do On His First Day in Office: LI
Regarding Jeb Bush and Me: Erick Erickson
A Debatable ‘Debate’: Thomas Sowell

Ferguson looters stealing everything from milk to dogs: FAM
Driver breaks through protesters barricading I-70 in Ferguson: Twitchy
Armed Oath-Keepers Have Shown Up in Ferguson: Sooper

Scandal Central

Team Obama Goes Full Anti-Semite on Schumer: JWF
Special Assistant to Obama Arrested for Shooting at Her Boyfriend: JWF
Killed By an Illegal Alien: Police Chief: “Blood Trail from DC To Bedroom of Marilyn Pharis”: Treehouse

Climate & Energy

EPA causes major environmental disaster: will it fine itself and fire those involved?: WUWT


NBC Poll: Cruz, Fiorina, Rubio Big Winners of Debate, Not Trump: EveryJoe
New NBC Post-Debate Poll Shows Ted Cruz At No. 2, But The Sunday Shows Stiffed Him: NoisyRm
Ted Cruz: ‘Our fundraising EXPLODED after the debate’: Scoop

If It Bleeds, It Leads: Mark Steyn
Charles Murray: America’s Government Is ‘Irreparably Broken’: Vlad Tepes
QQQ: MagFarm


Liberal Jewish Mag Accuses WH Of ‘Jew Baiting’ To Slam Critics Of Iran Nuke Deal: Tammy Bruce
Inspired by Oscar Schindler, Jewish Businessman Rescuing Christian, Yazidi Girls From ISIS: Shiryn
Hero SAS sniper saves father and eight-year-old son from being beheaded by ISIS maniac: Nick Gutteridge

Islamic State Raids in Macedonia: The XX Committee
Understanding the Islamic State’s Treatment of Women: Caitlin Anglemier and Kyle Shideler
Obama’s DOJ quietly gives plea deal to Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry’s murderer: ProWis

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

The Cost Shifting Economy: The Z Man
Study Suggests Carbs Fueled Human Evolution: Archaeology
Road Unearthed at Battle of Fulford Site: Archaeology


My Tank: Driving the Sherman M-4A3: Automnews
9 Sexiest Ronda Rousey Pics, #6 will knock you out: DC Gazette
How Far We’ve Come: “If It Bleeds…”: MOTUS

Image: Team Obama Goes Full Anti-Semite on Schumer
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QOTD: "Obama is using every anti-Jewish ‘dog whistle’ he can think of to slam American Jewish critics of the Iran nuke deal: ‘Dual loyalties,’ ‘moneyed interests,’ ‘Jewish lobby,’ ‘billionaires,’ hoping Congress evaluates the deal fairly “not based on lobbying, but based on what’s in the national interests of the United States of America.”

Our Divider-in-Chief, who has done so much to harm race relations in the U.S., is now dividing Americans based on religion." --Shifra

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Anonymous said...

Read fair number comments, Treehouse/Sundance/link... the Randy Appalling attack on Trump. Easily the most vulgar of all. No feather me cap tyvm, but many a year ago (comments/Riehl), I all too sadly predicted, his usurpation of the TEA mantle.

Ever notice he's a zillion lightyears away from anything Iran/Israel?

You can take the boy out the smell ... but you can't take the smell out the boy.