Friday, August 21, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: NBC Says Democrats Believe Clinton Staffers In Denial About Server Scandal

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NBC News: Democrats Believe Clinton Staffers In Denial About Server Scandal: Lid
‘She Deglided, Um, Because She Didn’t…’: #Hillary2016: Camp o' the Saints
Liberal Double Standards and Planned Parenthood: David Limbaugh

Iran is Already Violating the Nuke Deal: Joseph Klein
FNC exclusively obtains copy of agreement between Iran and IAEA: Gretawire
Mitch McConnell is Professor Chaos: Joe Cunningham

Could Ted Cruz End Up as the Establishment Candidate?: Scott McKay
Force Karl Rove to choose between Cruz and Trump: Jeffrey A. Randall
Trump Rally In AL Moves from 14K Seat Venue To 50K Seat Stadium: RightPundit

RWN Interview with Donald Trump: RWN
Trump vs. Birthright Citizenship : Ann Coulter
Chart Lists Terrorists in U.S. Due to Lax Immigration Policies: JW

Scandal Central

Sources: Formal Criminal Investigation of Clinton Coming Soon: Nice Deb
Hillary Clinton’s Team Consciously Violated US Secrecy Laws: The XX Committee
Why did Hillary have to desperately wipe yoga routines and wedding plans?: Flopping Aces

Climate & Energy

EPA Causes Second Spill Disaster in GA: Lead Levels 20,000 TIMES Above Normal: GWP
George Soros Is Buying Up Coal Stocks On The Cheap: LoneCon
The Sound of Settled Science: SDA


Even When Announcing His Grave Illness Jimmy Carter Spews Vile Anti-Semitism: Lid
A Jerusalem grocer answers Tom Friedman on Iran: Matzav
Carly Fiorina Fails to Disavow Her Praise of Islam in Post 9/11 Speech, Pushes Conservatives Away: Joe Miller

The True Conservative Choice is Ted Cruz, not Donald Trump, Part 2: Eminent Domain Abuse: Patterico
93-Year Old Tuskegee Airmen Veteran Robbed Twice By Black Thugs In The Same Day: DownTrend
Hillary Clinton Campaign Says Classified Emails Were on Server: WSJ


The Bridge to Shariah Initiative: CSP
Michigan: Lansing mayors to host Ramadan party…on 9/11!!: Creeping
Slovakia refuses EU plan to resettle Muslim refugees, ‘will only accept Christians’: Ralph Sidway

Islamic State overruns Iraqi base near Fallujah: LWJ
Palestinians Flock to Islamic State: Khaled Abu Toameh
North Korea orders military to be ready for war, says report: Asia Times

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Lovable blobfish figure is lovable: Deep Sea News
Microsoft and Its Surface Pro: In the Right Place at the Right Time: Carl Weinschenk
Snake-Oil Cryptography Competition: Bruce Schneier


This Is What Tourette Syndrome Looks Like: Michelle Malkin
Mr. Pinko – Making Liberal Heads Explode One Empty Skull at a Time!: iOTWreport
Charm Offensive: Riot

Image: ‘She Deglided, Um, Because She Didn’t…’: #Hillary2016
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: The Road Back to Reagan Conservatism: TED CRUZ FOR PRESIDENT

QOTD: "The terror group Islamic State has become extremely popular among Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Four recent public opinion polls show that at least one million Palestinians support the Islamic State...

...The Palestinians' two governments, Hamas and the Palestinian Authority (PA), have good reason to be worried about the Islamic State. In recent weeks, Islamic State spokesmen have issued threats against both the PA and Hamas, accusing them of "collaboration" with the "Zionist entity."" --Khaled Abu Toameh


Bob Belvedere said...

All I know is: I would NEVER erase Director Blue from my server - thanks Doug.

Anonymous said...

I have 3 sites I try to visit daily. This has been one of them for years now. Doug you put out a great site. Keep up the good work.



Anyone who likes the Surface is in some way paid to like it or is one of those Apple fanatic's who are no longer able to form a fair opinion. I got one from work for some bullcrap award and its like MS took everything bad about Apple and Windoze and blended them into a single product. Nuff said...

Carly's latest is proving her to be the politically homeless politician who lost her last easy-to-win election. She's not establishment Rethuglican and not conservative GOP. She's old-style conservative Democrat, without home party or base.

Eric and Redstate ARE the new Little Green Footballs. I know, I know. We've all been trying to deny it, but Eric and crew are making it SOOO obvious with the appearance of The Trump that you simply can't deny it anymore. Sure, instead of Chuckles losing his mind, its Eric and crew protecting the establishment and their money. But it's the same tactics and effect made famous at that Little Green site. Its time to kick Redstate to the curb Doug. You don't need to start a blog-war with a explanation post. That'll just bring Redstate more publicity. Just quit linking them, like you've done with a few other sites that have shown their true colors. Let them just fade away...

Speaking of fading away Bob, one of my other 3 regular daily visits is Protein Wisdom, though I'll admit I'm just about to give up. You don't see me commenting or trying to contribute because for some reason, after Jeff decided to require membership, I can't be one. Have had a Yahoo email since 2003 or so. Maybe Jeff hates Yahoo? Maybe I lurked too long without giving? I dunno. Prior to then, never had an ill-word with anyone there. Best group of regulars on the innertubules. I even enjoy comments from the yellow menace. LoL Oh well! Doubt I'll even try to join again. One can take only so much rejection in this life...

Best To All!

Old Ez

(Maybe its the name? Has nothing to do with Arafat. I used to be Ezpickins across the net, but now I'm just old and Ez going!)

directorblue said...

@Old Ez,

Thanks very much for the feedback. It's much appreciated.

I've been paring back a bit on RS, but occasionally some of the really good authors like streiff, Leon, and Joe C. deserve attention.

Not sure where Erick's taking the ship, but I wish him the best.

Bob Belvedere said...

@Old Ez: I can contact Jeff and find out, if you would like me to.

Anonymous said...

Oh f*ck me ... I got some Protein Jism on me!

I don't even remember that butt foogin arse to mouth maggots name.

I can tell you this, He doesn't exist in my internet [and needless to say, was never linked, ever. When I was a beegtime (anonymous) disher]. Though I do in fact see him often.

In the bottom of the bowl, after my morning constitutional.

No, really, no need ta thank me ...


Anonymous said...

Going to the whip (on that horseskin rug) ... Giddyup!

Calling him a lower life form, is an insult ... to invertebrates.
He is the single most vile/unpleasant individual on the net. Of any stripe (oond yes, that IS an understatement).
A deranged narcissist. Obama class megalomaniac.

Why yes, I really duz feel beddah! TYVM

elmo/anechoic room

Anonymous said...

Darn Bob!

You had to be so nice, LoL! I ll give Jeff another try and if I still can't get registered, I'll ask you to contact him for me then. Thanks. You really are a right decent guy and now I'm feeling guilty for not visiting Camp of the Saints more often. Nothing kills like kindness... Thanks Bob!

I see your point. Grudgingly, I'll have to admit you're probably right. I hate that RS is heading the direction that it is because of some of the good guys are still throwing up solid posts and keeping up the good fight. Personally, I'm feeling like Streiff has already turned the corner behind Eric but just hasn't quite caught up with him yet. I hope I'm wrong.

Right now I'm so done with Eric and the people he effectively sic'ced on deviaters from the party line, that I think I'm finished with RS. Maybe some of their good guys will now start spreading their work around. I'm sure you and Bob would give them space for good work.

Eric lost me for the final time with his post painting all Trump supporters with the RonPaul crazy and dangerous brush. RS supposedly has went banstick crazy to promote harmony and silence the dividers. That has to make Eric's post one of the most hypocritical things I've seen from a "serious" site. Honestly, I view them now as one of the most clearly pro-establishment all-party-line sites.

Just for the record, I've never been banned or even commented at RS. I registered, but saw the handwriting on the wall and decided it wasn't a group I'd probably want to have a future with.

Also for the record, I really should have heaped more praise on your sites, but I'm not very good at that praise and suck-up stuff, LoL! You really do a great job with your sites and will probably be a regular read of mine until you retire from them or the Good Lord calls me home.


Old Ez