Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: Menendez lays down marker for Democrats: Will your name be on Iran’s nuclear bomb?

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Menendez lays down marker for Dems: Will your name be on Iran’s nuclear bomb?: LI
House Intelligence Committee Democrats Play Political Games on Iran Deal: Fred Fleitz
Stumbling Upon a Worthy Cause: Steve Sailer

Hillary Clinton’s dumpster fire press conference: RS
Granny Clinton Shuts Down Presser After Tough Questions About Email Server: Sooper
Hillary Clinton's tense backstage confrontation with Black Lives Matter activists: DailyMail

Crushing the GOPe Road Map: Message to Trump & Cruz Supporters: Treehouse
The GOP Consulting Class Is Becoming Seriously Unhinged: Treehouse
Bush donors getting uneasy: RS

The Somali Mafia: Grooming and Pimping in Minnesota: GoV
Illegal Alien Child Abuser Skips Town: iOTWreport
Illegal alien ‘afraid of being deported’ kills six in car wreck in Texas: FAM


Unchecked Medicare Fraud is Government Run Amok: Matt Schuck
Interesting Petition Drive About Getting The Able-Bodied Off Of Food Stamps: Kevin Boyd
Teachers overwhelmingly oppose Obama’s race-based school discipline policies: Victor Skinner

Scandal Central

Hillary’s email problem gets worse: RS
State Dept. Finds 17855 Missing Hillary Clinton Adviser Emails: John Sexton
Latest Hillary server sighting: Bathroom in a Colorado loft apartment; Updated: Michelle Malkin

Many State Dept Emails Used To Register On ‘Adulterer’ Site Ashley Madison: WZ
Clinton Refuses to Say Whether She Wiped the Server: Daniel Halper
Clinton Emails and The Privatization of Mexico's State Owned Oil and Gas Company: TheRealNews

Climate & Energy

Obama’s Toxic Environmental Pollution Agency Unleashes a $30 Billion Disaster: Michelle Malkin
This Was The Moment That The Rise Of The Oceans Began To Slow: SDA
State Still Releasing Water to Save a Few Fish: Steven Greenhut


Hillary Clinton, Liar: “We turned over everything that was work related. Every single thing.”: Patterico
Leftists Circulate Picture of Little Girl Carrying Governor Scott Walker’s Severed Head: ProgsToday
Police search for teens who attacked, terrorized young family: WSB 95.5

Breaking the Rules: John Stossel
Academic Fascism II: Walter Williams
Straight Outta Solutions: Ben Shapiro


Iran Government publishes threat to Israel video via official channels.: Vlad Tepes
What Does President Park Know?: Ethan Epstein
Islamic State jihadis 'behead top archaeologist in Palmyra': Telegraph

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

First rainfall since Tianjin explosion leaves city covered in mysterious white foam: Shanghaist
The world’s smallest drone gets ready to take flight: Zach Epstein
Increasingly bad science is still considered sacrosanct: Jim Jamitis


Where are OUR Woodwards and Bernsteins?: MOTUS
Former Marine, 66, survives bloody hand-to-claw combat with black bear: Lindsey Bever
Six Alinsky Rules That Explain Obama’s Words and Deeds: Jack Kerwick (2013)

Image: Leftists Circulate Picture of Little Girl Carrying Governor Scott Walker’s Severed Head
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QOTD: "... if I had not asked for my emails all to be made public, none of  this would have been in the public arena. But I want people to know what  we did, I’m proud of the four years I was Secretary of State. So I know  this is all just going to work itself out as we go forward" --Hillary Clinton

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