Saturday, August 15, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: Hillary Finds Deleting Emails Funny; Resurrects Sad, Old Right Wing Conspiracy Canard

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Hillary Finds Deleting Emails Funny; Resurrects Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: RWN
Giving the Civil War veteran the last word on Democrats: Bookworm Room
Intelligence community wants Clinton’s security clearance suspended: Times

The Why Questions: The Z Man
The Biggest Idiots in Politics: John Hawkins
Why Liberals are Dangerous and Must Never be in Charge: Lloyd Marcus

Shooter in Staten Island Standoff, Was Democrat Community Organizer: AmPower
Illegal Alien Beats 2 Year-Old Child Nearly to Death; Now Out On Bond: Treehouse
Huma Abedin Pledges to Preserve Emails After Judge's Order : Breitbart News

‘How many Americans must die at the hands of unlawful criminal immigrants?’: Times
In GOP field, Ted Cruz stands alone by refusing to bash Donald Trump: Ben Bullard
Convention of States: Richard F. (Buz) Williams


The Hunt for the 2% Solution: Irwin M. Stelzer
Court Decision on F-1 Work Permit Painful for Employers: Ian R. Macdonald
$22 million in taxpayer funds flushed away on Detroit cruise ship lure: Marathon

Scandal Central

Hillary Clinton emails included very secret satellite images: Taylor Millard
Exclusive: Hillary’s IT Contractor Did Not Have Proper Security Clearance: Richard Pollock
Flashback: Planned Parenthood lobbyist argues for killing babies born alive after failed abortion: Howard Portnoy

Climate & Energy

The Green Socialists of Mars: Sultan Knish
Report: Danger of Government-Created Solar Bubble Bursting When Subsidies Expire in 2016: CNS
Critics of carbon regulations using mine spill to skewer EPA: AP


“A Stampman hanging on a Tree”: J.L. Bell
Mark Levin interviews Donald Trump: Scoop
Trump Expects to Face Vice President Joe Biden in General Election: Breitbart

The far left has lost faith in Hillary Clinton: Glob
Fox News’ fiery response to Trump’s ‘bizarre’ claim about Megyn Kelly’s vacation: BPR
Donald Trump Supporters You Should be Ted Cruz Supporters!: Onan Coca


ISIS is Conducting a Real War on Women: Aaron Goldstein
Russian Economy Nears ‘Perfect Storm’: Oil at $25 a Barrel, Ruble at 125/$1, Inflation at 30%: Paul Goble
Cancerous Ex-President Has Cancer: Post

New York: Muslim pleads guilty to supporting the Islamic State: Robert Spencer
Islamophobia: Fact or Fiction?: Denis MacEoin
Photo Of What Appears To Be A Beheading Victim In IKEA Indicates Attackers Were Likely Muslims: Shoebat

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

BMW X5 M: Car and Driver
Insane: New Video Of The Biggest Great White Shark Ever Filmed Surfaces: WZ
Windows 10 Is Spyware?: C. Mitchell Shaw


Conservatives Beware: The Speech Police Are Coming For You: Paul Jossey
They Shoot Horses Don’t They?: MOTUS
Elusive Alchemy: MOTUS

Image: Black Panthers March in Texas Carrying THIS
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: TED CRUZ FOR PRESIDENT

QOTD: "Imagine this: Amidst a close election, a partisan government lawyer with questionable authority investigates a conservative nonprofit supporting a political candidate. The government theorizes the candidate and organization are communicating too much—”coordinating” in legal parlance. A court eventually exonerates the group finding the government’s theory onerous. But it does so only after a years-long investigation that clouds the group’s operations, impedes its fundraising efforts, and ultimately negates its ability to influence voters during the election.

The above scenario indeed happened. But it was not, as the reader may suspect, the recently terminated ‘John Doe‘ investigation, which targeted Wisconsin Club for Growth–as well as other organizations–for supporting Scott Walker during his recall election. The nonprofit was the Christian Coalition, [the year was 1996,] the candidate was George H. W. Bush, and the government lawyer was then-Federal Election Commission enforcement chief Lois Lerner." --Paul Jossey

1 comment:

Andrew_M_Garland said...

Mission -- Possible!

Lois Lerner,

Your mission, should you accept it, is to harrass and hopefully jail any opponents to Supreme Leader Obama, in particular conservatives and teabaggers, by using any and all law and discretion available to you within the Federal Election Commission and the IRS. Don't let the law unnecessarily restrict you.

You may choose your team from within your department.

You will make all preparations for Ghost Protocol, keeping all mission data on discardable email servers, the ones with the red FRY buttons.

As usual, if you or any team member is exposed, you will implement Ghost Protocol, and we will disavow any connection to you, your team, or your mission. Regardless, we will work in the bureucratic background to preserve your pension if you keep your mouth shut. You are innocent until proven guilty, and we won't prove anything.

The preservation of the free world as we define it depends in part on your mission. Good Luck.

As usual, this message is written in blueberry ink on a thin sheet of bubble gum Chew it up and leave it under your desk.

Hillary Clinton,

Your mission, should you accept it, is to ...