Saturday, August 08, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: A Cynical Scam: Schumer's Iran Announcement Was Made To Protect Iran Deal

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A Cynical Scam: Schumer's Iran Announcement Was Made To Protect Iran Deal: Lid
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Toying with Genocide: The "Unthinkable" Can and Is Being Thought: American Digest
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QOTD: "A day after a posse of former White House aides torched Sen. Charles E. Schumer over his rejection of the Iran deal, Press Secretary Josh Earnest politely but firmly knocked the senior senator from New York.

Earnest wouldn’t go so far as ex-aides Dan Pfeiffer, Tommy Vietor and Jon Favreau in questioning Schumer’s ability to lead Democrats, but he left the door open to dumping Schumer, the heir apparent to Minority Leader Harry Reid, from the top of the Democratic ranks.

Earnest said, frostily, that the decision about Democratic leadership is “a question for Democratic senators.”

But, he added, “I certainly wouldn’t be surprised if there are individual members of the Senate Democratic Caucus that will consider the voting record of those who say they would like to lead the caucus.”" --Steven Dennis

1 comment:

AnechoicRoom said...

YidLid's account, of lil Chucky's walk on the wild side, certainly is cynical enough (to be sure). And possible too. But, is all still conjecture/projection. Yes, he did call lil Chucky's office, for answer/s, but that did not increase YidLid's data set (at all).

I glommed a timeline, that was diff, than his (no recollection/attribution/sawry). Lil Chucky, after arriving at his decision (attempting to try and save his own putrid, rotting political bacon), and being ze guut leetle goosestepper (he is). Promptly informed Dear leader. Who promptly leaked it. Stealing any thunder, lil Chucky may (or may not) have been planning (to bring, to his presser). The toned down presser, may have been real, actual, mortal fear (see my fifth paragraph, below).

We can all agree, da proof uh duh puddin's in da eatin' .... what's Chucky gunna do now? I think we'll all be surprised, if he does lift one itty bitty little finger (one), to try and stop the Provisional Treason.

Likely, he won't. It took him this long to do the electoral math! I believe however, that he learned himself, something new. Something we've ALL known, back here, on planet earth. For a while. WE TRULY LIVE IN A FASCIST STATE.

And you cross Dear Leader, at your own peril. Even if, lil Chucky still actually (well and truly) sings Springtime for Hitler, in the shower. Think of the creeptoid Schumer, as a Nork General, that Bongin Jongin no longer trusts (with an expiration date of minutes).

All the rest? Mebbe over thinking it a bit? (Or maybe, I just don't want to believe, the possible truth, we been righteously p l a y e d). Schumer is a traitor, to the Human Race. A piece of vile filth, not worthy of sharing this planet, with sentient beings.

I read, this morning, Pelosi is opposed to the Provisonal Treason. Doesn't make it true. Nor have I checked. And in turn, speculated 'pon the why's and wherefore's. It is all, in its entirety, some pretty fooged up shite.