Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: Jim Geraghty: Time to Go Nuclear on Obama's Nuke Deal?

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Jim Geraghty: Time to Go Nuclear on Obama's Nuke Deal?: Ace
A prediction from Judicial Watch about 'Servergate': Chad Groening
GOP Surrender Monkeys Shocked to Discover They WIll Lose Iran Vote: Guy Benson

Hillary confidant Blumenthal: John Boehner is 'alcoholic,' 'lazy,' 'banal': Pete Kasperowicz
To Hell With You People: Erick Erickson
McConnell Expects to Cut Budget Deal, Avert Shutdown : Niels Lesniewski

Joe Biden: The Great White Dope of the Democrat Party: John Hawkins
Obama drags racism into the Iran debate: WZ
Carson Now Tied With Trump: WZ

Gun Free Zones Arming Missouri's Murderers: WeaponsMan
Black Panthers to Texas Cops: ‘We Will Start Creeping Up... in the Darkness’: Breitbart
Obama taping episode of survival reality show with Bear Grylls in Alaska: Scoop


The Border Hoppers Liberals Don’t Love: Joy Pullmann
Doctors Will Be the Scapegoats in the Coming Obamacare Disaster: Justin Haskins
Shocker: After Raising Minimum Wage, Walmart Cuts Hours: Brandon Morse

Scandal Central

Hillary Shared An Email Network With The Clinton Foundation: Patrick Howley
State Department releases thousands of Clinton emails, 125 contain classified information: Fox
Hillary Received Plan to Impeach Clarence Thomas: Shoshana Weissman

New Hillary Clinton Emails Show Violation of Freedom of Information Law: Sharyl Attkisson
Sid Blumenthal Unloaded on Tea Party in ‘Confidential’ Three-Page Memo to Hillary: Oliver Darcy
Even the State Department help desk didn’t know about Hillary Clinton’s private address: Twitchy

Climate & Energy

In 2009 ABC News Predicted We All Be Dead By Now: BlurBrain


The First Rule of News Coverage: Andrew Klavan
The Left Sees Only White Evil: Dennis Prager
Class Traitor: The Z Man

Tragedy in Roanoke: Cal Thomas
Will He See the Hypocrisy?: Jaati Report
Why Is the Press So Quiet About Illinois Lottery Winners Not Getting Paid?: Tom Blumer


North Korea: Iran's Pathway to a Nuclear Weapon: Ilan Berman
Report: Iran Amassing Missiles Capable of Hitting Targets Across Israel from Lebanon: Tower
Russian jets in Syrian skies: ynet

Barbaric! ISIS Burns 4 Prisoners Alive Suspended From a Swing-set in Chains: PatriotUpdate
Islamists Poison More Than 100 Young Afghan Girls For The Crime Of Going To School: WZ
Islamic State Fights Syrian Rebels and ‘Moves Closer to Central Damascus’: Telegraph

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Huge Ancient Greek City found underwater in the Aegean Sea: April Holloway
Which Presidential Candidate Is Winning the Tech Money Race?: Recode
CELLINK's $5,000 3D Bioprinter Is Making the Incredible Credible: 3D Printing Industry


I Find This Whole Pronoun Affair Cisgusting: MOTUS
Obama to Rename America: RWCN
Trump DESTROYS Jeb On Illegal Immigration With Brutal New Ad!: Katie McGuire

Image: Barbaric! ISIS Burns 4 Prisoners Alive Suspended From a Swing-set in Chains
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: #ReadyForLiberty: TED CRUZ FOR PRESIDENT

QOTD: "Even as the various Chicano and Ethnic Studies departments indoctrinate students with the supposedly sinister history of the United States, they simultaneously champion the rights of the illegal aliens to enter, reside, and stay in the odious country they have just damned. The message makes little sense. Millions of Americans have finally caught on to the incoherence, and feel that ingratitude is among the worst of all sins.

It is alleged that Donald Trump is a demagogue who whips the ignorant up. Perhaps. But on matters of immigration he came late and often in antithesis to his own former positions. The truth is that the illegal-immigration lobby was its own worst enemy, its message couched in racism, illegality, untruth — and finally incoherence. People tired of being called racists by racial chauvinists, of being dubbed insensitive by unfeeling opportunists, and of being called politically naive by political manipulators.

If there were not a Donald Trump, he would likely have had to have been invented." --Victor Davis Hanson

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