Saturday, September 05, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: Obama’s Iran Deal Is Still Far from Settled

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Obama’s Iran Deal Is Still Far from Settled: Andrew C. McCarthy
An arsenal of smoking guns in Clinton email scandal: Jonah Goldberg
Clinton Email Server Crashed Weeks After Benghazi Terror Attack: Patrick Howley

Hillary contradicts herself as to who made decision on personal emails: LI
Hillary Clinton is Sorry You're Too Stupid to Understand Her Lies: Daniel Greenfield
Hillary’s IT Guru At State Had No National Security Experience: Richard Pollock

Hillary Clinton: 'I'm so careful about classified information': Sarah Westwood
12 things we learned from Hillary Clinton's emails: Sarah Westwood
Hillary Clinton, Ashley Madison and the Strange Beauty of Karma: RS

New York Times: GOP Consultants Plan 'Destroy Trump' Campaign: Treehouse
Donald Trump’s Appeal Is Based on Yesterday’s News: Michael Barone
Dem insiders predict Biden won’t run: Ben Kamisar


The Short Chapter Left Out Of Mark Levin's 'Plunder and Deceit': Daniel J. Schultz
The Truth About Unemployment: Michael Snyder
Tennessee Official Traded Food Stamp Benefits For Sex: BlurBrain

Scandal Central

"Accountability" Review of Benghazi Attack was Rigged by Hillary: Daniel Greenfield
Investigators wanted to ask Clinton IT specialist about destruction of evidence: Catherine Herridge
Obama’s Special Assistant Resigns After Being Charged For Shooting At Cop: Bob Owens

Climate & Energy

The Ocean2K “Hockey Stick”: Steve McIntyre
Renewable fail: Weakest US winds for 40 years: Eric Worrall
Bummer: Climate Change Could Force Orioles Out Of Baltimore: Cove


Vox Means Stupid: The Z Man
Laughable New York Times Reporting on 'G.O.P Talk' on Illegal Immigration: AmPower
64% want a border fence with Mexico, including pluralities of Dems, blacks, and Hispanics: Hot Air

Mark Levin hits back HARD against those who say Kim Davis should ‘follow the rule of law’: Scoop
Ben Carson leads in Gallup’s favorability poll: RS
Levin's Book Can Save Millennials: EIB


Obama Excuses Chinese Warships in U.S. Waters: Joel B. Pollak
Russian spy ship spotted near US sub base: Lucas Tomlinson
Chinese flotilla off Alaska entered US territorial waters: Thomas Lifson

The Hijrah Into Europe: “Refugees” colonize a continent.: Robert Spencer
Syrian refugees are coming here, too, and aid groups are getting ready: OC Register
Why drivers in China intentionally kill the pedestrians they hit, Thomas Friedman: Geoffrey Sant

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

British man builds helicopter from 54 drones & garden chair: RT
This Architect is Creating The Most Stunning, Eco friendly Tree Houses Ever: Spirit Science
The heart-breaking love letter found in a mummy’s tomb: April Holloway


The Limits of Retrenchment: The Politics of Pension Reform: Daniel DiSalvo
What’s Up TrumpyCat?: MOTUS
today’s KisP fun facts as seen through as glory hole: Sondrakistan

Image: Hillary Clinton: 'I'm so careful about classified information'
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QOTD: "As hundreds of thousands of Syrians make their way across Europe, some by foot, local agencies are preparing for some of those people to land here.

“We are expecting a wave of Syrian refugees in Orange County,” said Nahla Kayali, founder and executive director of Access California Services, an Anaheim nonprofit that provides services largely to Muslim refugees and immigrants." --Deepa Bharath

1 comment:

AnechoicRoom said...

Yeah, McCarthy/NRO not a short stroll. More of slog. Which, well, is the point.

He assumes, members of Congress. Can walk, talk, and chew gum (at the same time).

How many of 'em, will read his column?

How many, will even understand?

Let alone, do right by this Nation, the World, and G*d Almighty?

I thank him none the less [I couldn't write it (was taxing just to read, follow, and understand)].

We're f*cked. Plain as day. In plain sight. By a six foot tall cockroach.

This IS what Hell looks like people.

And Spencer's Hijrah? That's just history. Something you read about, in a book.

It's like a living episode, of the Twilight Zone. Except it's real.